MFM feeds the indigent in Lagos

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The general superintendent of the Ministries of Mountain of Fire and Miracles (MFM) worldwide, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, is expected to feed thousands of vulnerable residents of the Lagos local government area with food packages.


The church's international headquarters is located in the local government police station, while a large number of its members reside in the area.

In addition to feeding the community, the MFM, in the first week of the state government blockade, donated several packages of gloves, face masks and leaflets from the ministry's 30-day prayer retreat to the state government at the Yaba Primary Care health unit .

This was the first installment of donations.


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In addition, the ministry donated a new Toyota Hiace ambulance to the state government.

The second installment of the drug donation was handed over to the state government in the third week of the blockade, while a similar gesture was made to the state government of Ogun through the MFM ministry in Abeokuta.


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