Meet Wisdom Amatoritsero Omagbemi, Nigeria's artist-entrepreneur who creates his own economy

Many musicians are happy just creating music and enjoying the lifestyle of being a famous musician. However, many pop, rap and rock stars have interests beyond music, including a passion for entrepreneurship.


Born, Wisdom Omatoritsero Omagbemi, is one of those impressive musician-entrepreneurs who excelled in the music business, first as a producer and then as a trap artist.
Since achieving success, Omagbemi has taken on his career on his own and created a business empire that arose out of his own creativity and hard work.

The 25-year-old, who came from Warri / Sapelle, in the state of Delta, attended the Agbharo Grammar school, where he completed his primary education and went on to attend the Delta State Technical College before starting his music career. He is really one of those artists who believes that being good at business is the most fascinating type of art.

Known for his music and his business advances, Omagbemi is said to have followed the path of his father, who is also a businessman in South Africa. He made his first entry into the business world with a partnership agreement with Chat2Cars – a South African registered automotive venture that provides a platform on which auto / private dealers (sellers) and car buyers find a middle ground to easily transact.


As a natural business person, Omagbemi is also known for his progressive attitude towards trap music production. He fell in love with music at the age of 13 and has since been successful in private operations.

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