McIntyre's long journey home and Flair's family legacy carried out at the Royal Rumble


Drew McIntyreThe career revival has reached a new level. A history.

Six years after being released by WWE, McIntyre has regained its way back not only to the relevance of the main list, but also to a place in a title dispute at WrestleMania 36.


McIntyre won the 2020 Royal Rumble for men by eliminating Roman Reigns at 60 minutes of Sunday's game at Houston's Minute Maid Park. It was the possibility of moments like these that motivated him to overcome some of the darkest moments after being cut by WWE in 2014.

"I would be a liar if I said I didn't think so," McIntrye told ESPN on Sunday night, minutes after the show ended. "When I was away, I worked a lot. I was the busiest professional fighter in the whole world. And I did it intentionally to stay as good as possible, to get all possible experiences – to return to WWE. One day and reach that potential. I I would lie if I said I didn't have the images in my head. But doing that is a totally different story. "

McIntyre didn't just win the Rumble. He eliminated the WWE champion Brock Lesnar, which McIntyre seems to find at WrestleMania 36 on April 5 in Tampa. Lesnar was dominant, starting the game in first place and eliminating 13 men, drawing a Rumble record with Braun Strowman. McIntyre knocked Lesnar out of the ring with his claymore finisher at 26:23. This was an immediate sign that the WWE creative team has big future plans for McIntyre, who was once dubbed "The Chosen One" by WWE President and CEO Vince McMahon during his first run with the promotion.


After three years from nowMcIntyre, whose real name is Andrew Galloway, signed on with WWE to work for NXT in 2017. At the time, the Scottish native had let his contract with Impact Wrestling expire, and the idea was for him to go to Japan. Instead, NXT executive William Regal, one of McIntrye's mentors, told McIntrye that he should speak to Paul "Triple H" Levesque first. This led to his return to the promotion that previously despised him.

"The time has come to return home and fulfill that destiny," said McIntyre.

And now is the right time for a breakthrough, McIntyre believes. After a race with the NXT title, McIntyre moved to the top list of the WWE in 2018. He admits that he spun the wheels a bit with a character who was not 100% clicking with fans. That has changed, said McIntyre. WWE gave him more freedom to be himself.


"At Raw, I hadn't found myself exactly as outside the company until the past two months," said McIntyre. "I think I was in a good position. I was the big, nasty jump that a lot of guys could work with. But I was also the big, hairy, gigantic Scotsman that nobody could relate to. But for the past two years for months, I'm allowed to have a little more freedom on that microphone. I was basically told, just be yourself. I always said, "I'm not good or bad. I'll show Drew Galloway ". & # 39; It's who Drew McIntrye is – the real me.

"Now, I'm showing my true self. The crowd is responding, because I'm letting them in. They are relating to me a little more and that is why I think the time is perfect. They are reacting, I won the Royal Rumble and the WrestleMania station. "

McIntyre, 34, was NXT champion, TNA heavyweight champion of the world. He won titles at EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA. He is a legend and Hall of Fame in his native country, with the ICW of Scotland. The Royal Rumble, however, is something separate from the rest. Only a man and a woman can win annually. It is a key event on the WWE calendar. And it is a key that unlocks a great fight at WrestleMania.

"It means as much to me as any championship," said McIntyre. "I have had many highlights in my career at the company, not at the company. This is the greatest moment of my career. The emotion that hit me in the end when I heard 40,000 people react the way they did, so many things crossed my mind."

One of these things had to do with his wife, Kaitlyn, and his family. All the long journeys that took him away and how hard all the work was paying off now. McIntyre said he adopted the famous quote from The Rock "All you need is everything you have" while he was on the independent wrestling circuit and Impact.

"I took it seriously when I was out of the company, to the point where I threw myself on the ground a few times," he said. "I got sick a few times running so much. But I never stopped at the gym, I never stopped on my way to stay as good as possible when the opportunity came. That opportunity finally came and I would not let it slip through my fingers."

Especially now, McIntyre, who lives in Tampa, believes it is important that people continue to work hard to achieve their dreams, no matter how crazy. It is something he said he will repeat "until I am sad".

"I say, 'Trust me.' Drew McIntyre did this and was fired," said McIntyre. "So he did it again. Then he won the Royal Rumble, and now he is going to fuck WrestleMania in his hometown in America. It can be done. Just give everything you can."

More story for Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair won the Women's 2020 Royal Rumble by eliminating Shayna Baszler at 54:17 from the match. Flair entered 17th place and played 27:19. She will now have a title fight at WrestleMania 36. The victory also made Flair and her father Ric, the iconic champion and Hall of Famer, the only double generation duo to win the Rumble. Ric won in 1992.

"I try not to [be like], & # 39; I want to have a match like this, I want to be like my father & # 39; "said Charlotte." I just want to be like my father. But winning Rumble and having that compliment with my dad – being the only father and daughter duo that won Rumble – is like, man, another thing we can add to our legacy. It's just special. "

This was WWE's third women's Royal Rumble game. Asuka won in 2018 and Becky Lynch won in 2019. This was Flair's second Rumble, and she said it is much more complex than a match of singles or tags. At one point, she was bleeding from her face and said she had no idea where the blood was coming from.

"There are a lot of bodies and a lot going on," said Flair. "You have to be almost aware of it from all angles. It's not just a person … it's having that self-awareness. That's what makes things so difficult."

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