Man impregnates his 15-year-old daughter in Nasarawa

LINUS OOTA in Lafia tells the bizarre story of Theddius Audu, a farmer and small merchant who impregnated his only daughter for fear of another man taking her away.

  • I was attracted to her beauty and wanted to check her virginity – dad
  • My father ruined my life – daughter

The wonders, they say, will never end. This is the scenario that is currently taking place in Wuyeya, a village in Assakio, a local Lafia government area in Nasarawa State, where Theddius Audu, a 48-year-old farmer and small trader, became pregnant with his 15-year-old daughter.


While one would think that such unpleasant occurrences happen only in Hollywood or Nollywood films, considering the tenacity with which Nigeria maintains tradition, culture and religion, Audu apparently threw all sense of decency and morality in the dustbin when sexually abused his biological daughter without resorting to the emotional and psychological effect of the incestuous act.

The incident literally left all of the village's jaws and surroundings fallen in disgust. Years ago, Audu had married Talatu Ayi, from the Nasarawa Eggon local government area of ​​the state; the marriage was blessed with a daughter, Justina, before they both went their separate ways due to irreconcilable differences. Therefore, Audu was left alone with his only daughter, only one year and seven months old.

Subsequently, he took on the challenge of raising his baby, although in very precarious conditions, as he was only a peasant and a small trader. However, he was able to do this more with the assistance of his younger sister, Agnes.


Audu's wife's departure 13 years ago, under controversial circumstances, made him promise not to remarry. However, her younger sister, who helped raise the little girl, died in a tragic accident in January 2019, on her return from the Lafia market, where she had bought some goods for her older brother.

The good news was that little Justina had become an adult girl.


Audu, who is the only child in the family of two, had lost her parents 21 years ago and stayed with her sister Agnes, who played the role of mother at home, until her death.

Left alone with his daughter, Audu decided to move to a three-bedroom apartment that he managed to build in the village, so that his daughter could live comfortably in safety, without any fear.

So it is horrible to see this good intention boomerang, as Justina has now been for four months for her father.

When our correspondent visited the area, after a complaint from a source in the village, Justina was resting on the facade of her father's house. Before she could say a word, tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes. “God inflicted a permanent wound on me; there is absolutely no sense in keeping me alive. I think I should just commit suicide and die, instead of continuing to live to bear this shameful burden. God was not fair to me and I don't know my sin or offense. My mother left me when I was just two; and so far, it hasn't taken a second look back. My late Aunt Agnes, who raised me, died recently and I am now pregnant with my father. What could be worse than that – she asked, crying.


Wiping her tears, she said: “When my aunt died in an accident, my father moved me to the three-bedroom apartment to occupy one of the bedrooms. He used to check my private part to see if I had started menstruating or had sex with boys. One night, I was sleeping after a busy day; he came into my room, took off my wrapper and inserted his finger into my private part, asking if I had started menstruating. I suddenly woke up from sleep and asked, "Daddy, why are you doing this to me?"


“He asked if I had sex before and I said no. He then said he would use his penis to test my virginity. Before I could utter a word, he climbed on top of me. I wanted to scream, but he held my mouth and penetrated me. I struggled to get rid of it, but it overwhelmed me and deflated me hard. I bled all night, crying uncontrollably until the next day. I was also in pain everywhere.

“I felt really bad, but he warned me that no one should hear what he did to me. He also threatened to kill me with a knife if he heard from anyone. That's how he kept sleeping with me at night and finally got me pregnant. "

Continuing her lamentation, she said: “How I wish my mother was around; this shameful thing would not have happened to me. This is amazing; my world and my life fell apart. How can I have a child for my father? Once again, she started to cry.

She said that her anxieties started when her aunt died. From that incident, she said it was clear to her that her world had come to an end. The days after his death were completely filled and completely empty; full of activities, but empty of life, because there was no one to take care of me and guide me properly.

“Her absence gave my father the opportunity to ruin my life. I'm very ashamed of being pregnant without getting married and more ashamed of my biological father being responsible. Now I think about death often because my father decided that I should leave the pregnancy and give birth to a male child for him. "

She said her father even threatened to kill her if she tried to abort the pregnancy. "So I have no choice but to allow her to grow; in the meantime, the pregnancy is only four months."

I couldn't take another man reaping where I sowed – dad

After several efforts to get Theddus Audu's side, The Nation finally caught up with the man in the middle of the controversy in a secret effort.

Audu said: “She is beautiful and I always feel the pain that someday someone will toast her and start to enjoy what I have suffered all these years. When her mother left me, I was careful to bring her up because I couldn't get married and I was alone.

“It started out as a joke. I don't know what happened to me; she tried to resist me, but i was very hard on her and she allowed me to go my way. After that, we remain unwavering. In fact, I wanted to test her virginity status, to know if she had started going out with boys, but when she told me she had missed her period, I decided I shouldn't have an abortion. She was supposed to hand the baby over to me, since I didn't

has another son. After that, she can marry anyone of her choice. That was the secret deal we had and I don't know why she is exposing it now.

"It is the most I can say about it," said Audu with finalization.

Mr. Abraham Dabu, one of the elders in the community, told our correspondent that what happened is taboo. He said that, following the culture of the people, Audu could be banned from the village.

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