Los Angeles County likely to remain under some stay-at-home order through July

California lawmaker Lorena Gonzalez denounced Elon Musk for leaving ahead with the reopening of production in Tesla & # 39; s Alameda County plant that defies orders to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Musk has threatened to relocate Tesla's headquarters and possibly produce facilities out of California.


Gonzalez said it is unacceptable for Musk to respond the way he has done since Tesla's partnership with the state has provided many benefits to the company.

"For a company that has received billions of dollars – that's with a" B, "billions of dollars – of taxpayer subsidies to partner with our state to throw this kind of temper tantrum … it's just unacceptable at one point, " she said.

Gonzalez added, "I think we should all be outraged that a billionaire who has gotten so much out of his California partnership, but continues to put workers in unsafe positions, continues to trade unionism, continues to wave his middle finger at California."


Gonzalez also criticized President Trump and officials in his administration, who have come out in support of Musk.

"He's talking about something he's not around. He can't control a coronavirus outbreak in the White House, how are we going to make sure all these workers aren't going to be exposed in the county production plant," she said, referring to employees in the White House which has tested positive for coronavirus.


Gonzalez has been critical of Musk's actions for several days now and even tweeted this on Saturday:

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