Liverpool Snub Forced Me To Join Man United

Legendary English striker Michael Owen says Liverpool's refusal to sign again forced him to join arch-rival Manchester United.

Owen left Liverpool for Real Madrid in 2005, but left the Spanish giants after just one season.


He returned to England and signed with Newcastle United, but had a less than expected spell at Magpies.

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And in 2009, after Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez favored other transfer options, the door was opened for United to catch the scorer.


“I was leaving Newcastle and the first thing I did was call Carra [Jamie Carragher] and said & # 39; talk to Rafa Benitez & # 39; ”Owen told BBC Radio 5 Live.

"Carra came back to me and said 'no, he's about to sign someone.' I think it was David Ngog, but he already had great players on the team and they basically didn't need another striker. What do you want do I do at that point?


“My agent talked to just about every club on the planet to see who was interested and the options were Hull City, Everton and Manchester United. You can imagine my thought process – go to Everton, be hated, go to Man Utd and also to hate.

“As soon as I heard that Man Utd was there for me, I thought: obviously, the first choice would be Liverpool and go back there, but if Liverpool don't want me and those are all my options, then wow, Manchester United in Champions League, I don't need to move, I know a lot of guys. It was a brilliant move.

"I couldn't believe my luck when Manchester United came to me. Here I am, regressing as a player in my mind and yet the champions of England wanted to sign me. I was absolutely buzzing when they wanted me.

Owen won a Premier League title with United, while reaching the Champions League final.


He admits that his intention has always been to win the Premier League or the Champions League with Liverpool, but that opportunity never came.


“When I was a kid, winning the Premier League with Liverpool would have been my big dream, or winning the Champions League.

"So I had to settle for winning a lot of trophies with Liverpool, but none of them being the Premier League, which was unfortunate."

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