Less Common Online Blackjack Side Bets

A while ago, we said something about the most popular blackjack side bets. Still, we don't mention much about those that are not so common in online casinos. This is not Blackjack for dummies, so we will skip the part where we explain what Blackjack is and how it can be played, because we feel that there are more than enough articles on that particular topic.

Additional bets are used to spice things up a bit, so that players don't have to focus on hitting the dealer, getting 21 or going broke. Many of you probably know a lot about popular side bets, including 21 + 3, pair variations and insurance bets. Still, we will now present some of the side bets that are not so common in the game.


Hot 3

Those of you who have had the pleasure of playing Blackjack online at Evolution Gaming the tables probably know what the Hot 3 side bet is. For players who still need to visit these tables, this is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the side bet in question. According to the rules, the Hot 3 side bet can be placed the moment you place your bet on blackjack. All wins are based on your first two cards and the dealer's open card.

All cards count as in Blackjack, even Ace, which has 1 and 11. To win, players need to collect 19 to 21 points on the first three cards, and there are some variations when it comes to how much is paid if, for example, you get three sevens, 21, 21 points, 20 points, or 19 points.

Lucky Lucky

The side bet in question is very similar to the Hot 3, and depends on the player's first two cards and the dealer's card. However, there are some differences with respect to the pay tables, since we have the number 7-7-7, suitability number, 6-7-8, suitability number 7-7-7, suitability number 6 -7-8, total of 21, total adequacy of 21, a total of 20 and a total of 19.


Royal Match

Introduced with single and multi-deck blackjack variants, Royal Match is one of those side bets that are not so common, but can be found in many online casinos. The trick is to get the first two cards of the same suit and here you can win a payout of 5: 2. If you receive a king or queen with the same suit, you will receive 25: 1. As for the appropriate Blackjack, players will receive a payment of 5: 1. These payments are generally used for multi-story variants. In a single deck Blackjack variant, payouts are lower, with 3: 1 payouts for suited cards, also called Easy Bet, and 10: 1 payout for Royal Match.

Lucky Ladies

If you see the title of that side bet, you can assume that it must include queens, but you would be partially right. The objective is to obtain the first two cards so that their number is exactly 20. It would be even better if these two cards were Queens of Hearts, which will not be so easy to accomplish. If you manage to get these two cards right, you will get a 1,000: 1 mouth-watering victory, so the prize will be equal to the risk, but only if two queens come with 21 coming from the dealer's hand.


If the dealer does not have a blackjack, the winning amount will drop to 200: 1. If we go further down, players can receive a payment of 25: 1 for a matching suit and ranking or 20: 1 for 20. of the same suit. Finally, for a total of 20 players, you will win a 4: 1 payout.

Super 7s

Here, you should focus on getting only sevens, as all 7 in your hand will guarantee a payout. If you are lucky enough to receive a Lucky Seven as your first card, the victory will start at 3: 1. New sevens will further increase your winnings, while suitable sevens guarantee the highest payouts. For a pair of sevens of the same suit, you can get 100 to 1. Three sevens will receive 500: 1, while three sevens of the same suit will result in a mind-boggling 5,000: 1 payout.

Over 13, Under 13

The final final bet that we will mention in this text is Over 13, Under 13, and is quite straightforward, since the title explains a lot. This bet can be found mainly on deck 6 and 8 Blackjack tables. Players need to bet on their hands to be over or under 13. This mainly relies on your guess. Obviously, it is important to remember that if you have 13 in your hand, this will be considered a loss.

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