LATEST TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Nigeria's IderaOS launches ListBuy to help scale MPME. 4 other things and curiosities you need to know today, July 2, 2020

These 5 most recent stories from the technological space will keep you updated with current trends.

1. Nigeria's IderaOS launches ListBuy to help scale MPME


In an attempt to reposition African marketers to leverage technology to expand their enterprise, e-commerce services company IderaOS launched ListBuy as an e-commerce software platform. Built with guaranteed payment technology, ListBuy not only protects online buyers and sellers from fraud, but also serves as a promotional mobile station for suppliers. Commenting on the motivation behind the new product, Ridwan Rasheed, COO and product leader ListBuy, noted that the team's vision was to "empower 50,000 small businesses in Nigeria with Listbuy within the" next 12 months ".

According to industry analysis, the product is designed for business owners, MSME owners and dropshippers, so it allows business owners to manage their storefront on a control panel and personalize it while displaying and organizing products for later transactions with a wide variety of payment options. On how the product would bring fortune to the African space, founder Quadry Olalekan, in explaining the ListBuy initiative, would accelerate business expansion, said: “We chose to work on this idea because it presents an opportunity to reduce poverty and create prosperity, accelerating the creation and expansion of small businesses. "


2. US regulator declares Huawei of China as a threat to national security


The US regulatory body on communications matters, the Federal Communications Commission, announced on Tuesday, June 30, that China's Huawei Technologies poses a threat to American national security. This comes alongside the statement that paints ZTE, another Chinese company, as a threat on similar grounds. According to industry experts, the notorious statement will prevent companies in the U.S. from accessing a $ 8.3 billion government fund to buy equipment from companies.

At that point, the US telecommunications regulator had previously voted on November 5 to issue the statement. With this declaration, the US would require rural operators to remove and replace equipment from the two Chinese companies from existing US networks. Confirming this development, FCC President Ajit Pai said, "We cannot and will not allow the Chinese Communist Party to exploit network vulnerabilities and compromise our critical communications infrastructure." Observing the trend, the recent list of events indicates a trade war between the USA and China.

Technology curiosities:

When an e-commerce site provides an account where money can be held by a third party on behalf of a third party, what is that account called?

A. Companion account
B. Custody Account
C. Express account
D. Escape account


Answer: See end of post.


3. Google integrates its SmartReply with artificial intelligence on YouTube

YouTube struggles to get back online after a global outage

Technology Tips Google has incorporated SmartReply, an AI technology that suggests responses to messages, on YouTube. This development is expected to facilitate communication within the community. According to the Google team, the new feature will go into action whenever users need to respond to comments on the platform. At launch, the feature supports two international languages, English and Spanish.

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In order to facilitate communication, Google research scientist Rami Al-Rfou noted that "[SmartReply for YouTube] it helps content creators to engage more easily with their viewers. "He further explained that:" This model learns the representation of comments and responses through a computationally efficient method. [AI model]and represents the first multilingual, character-based SmartReply ". This SmartReply from Google already features common products like Inbox, Gmail, Android Messaging, Android Wear and the Play Developer Console.

4. Tech Hub Harare opens call for its incubation program

With the appearance of more startups daily, the growth of a long list of enterprises that need guidance, workspace and innovation center Tech Hub Harare opened the call for its incubation program. Although startups on the shores of Africa generally need this initiative, the team is looking to offer this to startups in Zimbabwe. According to the council, successful candidates like startups will have access to mentoring and financing opportunities.

In a press release, Tech Hub Harare said the goal of its program was to develop technology-based startups that solve problems in the communities they serve and beyond. The program will therefore help to convert ideas into MVPs for a period of six months, taking into account ideas, validation, product market adjustment and business training. In the end, startups will receive cloud computing and business support, and will receive a mentor who will provide weekly feedback on their development.

5. OurPeople team communication and engagement platform raises US $ 2 million in Series A

UK startup OurPeople raised $ 2 million in Series A funding. This new creator is expected to further expand his operations by creating a communication and team engagement platform for deskless workers. According to the press, the new creator was led by Alpine Meridian, an investment company specializing in digital media, e-commerce and healthcare. However, the fund also saw the participation of businessman Robert Neveu, who also joins OurPeople as a managing partner.

Industry reviewers speculated that this could take the company to global fronts, as the new lifter raises its total financing to $ 3 million. The 4-year-old company offers a secure mobile platform that allows companies to communicate digitally with employees, ensuring that teams can stay connected. The startup works mainly in industries with a large number of workers without a table, such as fitness and leisure. With a growing user trend, its customers include the West Ham United Foundation, Virgin Active UK, Paulton & # 39; s Park and Serco Leisure.

Tech Trivia Answer: Custody account

The commitment generally refers to money held by a third party on behalf of the parties involved in the transaction. An account in that name, therefore, serves the same purpose. It is mainly used in connection with the purchase of shares in a company, products from a store or payment for services provided by another party. A typical guarantee system can be found on ListBuy.

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