LATEST TECHNOLOGY NEWS: Facebook disables the accounts of Trump supporter Roger Stone. 4 other things and curiosities you need to know today, July 9, 2020

These 5 most recent stories from the technological space will keep you updated with current trends.

1. Facebook disables Trump supporter Roger Stone accounts


No less than 50 accounts and pages by US President Roger Stone's supporter have been deactivated by Mark Zuckerberg's social networking site. The deactivation of the accounts and pages was completed on Wednesday, July 8, while Roger's stone is preparing to enter the prison next week. Remember that the president's associate was sentenced to three years in prison after being found guilty "for lying to the authorities, preventing a congressional investigation and witnessing intimidation".

According to the social media platform, Roger Stone "and his associates, including a prominent supporter of the right-wing group Proud Boys in Stone's home state of Florida, used fake accounts and followers to promote Stone's books and posts." Therefore, further deceiving the system. Deactivating accounts is part of Facebook's clinical operations, as it has removed several other offenders, who violated community standards. The press noted that, among other personalities who received a red Facebook flag, were “accounts linked to employees of the family of Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro.


2. Google aborts cloud project for China and other countries


Despite having invested more than a year in building a cloud project in China, Google interrupted the process, interrupting the "Isolated region" project. Initially, Google reportedly planned to build a facility that would allow "offering cloud services in countries that want to maintain and control data within their borders", a development previously supported by China and several other countries.

In 2018, the press recalled that China had stipulated that any foreign technology company considering entering its territory would need to “form a joint venture with a local company that would control user data. According to China, this facility will help you address your security concerns. While some analysts have suggested that Google's abortion was influenced by the pandemic or the gap between the U.S. and China, Google nevertheless denied the statement, arguing that the project was dropped as a result of a new discovery on how to achieve the essence of the project through a new path and strategy.

Technology curiosities:

Which former Manchester United player created Axis Stars as a social network for professional sports stars?
A. Ronaldo
B. Ferguson
C. Saha
D. Evra
Answer: See the end of the post.


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3. South Africa's Smart Cities Innovation Challenge opens call for applications

The Smart City Innovation Challenge, an initiative developed by the city of Johannesburg in partnership with Tshimologong Innovation Precinct, announced its application on Thursday. According to the organizing team, two technology startups would earn R100 000 each to support their initiatives. An official statement, explaining the objective of the challenge, noted that since “The blocking protocols have triggered new reflections on the future of our city and its residents”. Therefore, “the Smart City Innovation Challenge aims to find and develop digital technology solutions to adapt to the new standard.

In addition to the R $ 100,000 prize, the winning startups would be assisted through an orientation program. However, when looking for a space in the challenge, solutions must work to save lives through improved means of detecting, tracking and predicting the spread of the virus, in addition to improving communication and improving health and safety in the city. In the meantime, the challenge added that it would seek "solutions that can additionally allow city citizens to be entrepreneurs and find new ways to support themselves".

4. Twitter suggests launching a subscription platform under the name Gryphon

The microblogging site Twitter suggested the development of a subscription platform. Although, incomplete and without much knowledge, a recent online job advertisement informed the public about this development on Twitter. According to the announcement, found on LinkedIn, a remote contractor is looking for a Scala software engineer to work at Gryphon. With Gryphon being a team divided into Twitter hubs in San Francisco, New York and London, product analysts suspect that Twitter is launching a new product soon.

Supporting the thinking of these industry analysts, the job post stated that the Gryphon offering team was a mix of front-end and back-end engineers who were "working together to deliver something new on Twitter". He added that the work involved "rebuilding some of Twitter's services to produce a subscription management platform". Confirming to press that the product will charge users as a subscription platform, the job function noted that the ideal candidate “will lead the work of the payment and subscription customer”.

5. 3 ITU innovation challenges invite African startups to apply

In an attempt to facilitate the participation of African startups in the main ITU event and to ensure that they obtain support in scaling, the body invited African startups to register for the 3 ITU Innovation Challenge. According to a press release from the team, the 2020 edition of the ITU Innovation Challenge is a global open competition platform for innovators and ecosystem builders to present their ideas and projects. As a community-focused initiative, the idea is to enable them to transform their communities into thriving digital societies.

Explaining the modalities of the challenge, the team hoped to present three distinct challenges. While the first, which is the Women in Technology Challenge, was developed for innovators with digital projects that create an impact for women in their communities; the second part would be the challenge of the creator of digital changes, for those with ideas that create digital impact in their communities. Speaking more about the categories, the team noted that the third challenge was initiated as the Challenge of Good Ecosystem Practices, to assist ecosystem builders with good practices that foster an enabling environment for innovators in their communities.

Trivial technology response: Louis Saha

The former France international striker and former Manchester United star launched the company in 2013, the same year he retired after 23 years in the game. Inspired by his sporting career, Axis Stars provides financial advice to professional athletes, coaches and agents with the aim of avoiding bankruptcy – something that has plagued many once wealthy stars over the years.

Among the athletes who signed up are Andy Murray, Didier Drogba, Phil Neville and Florent Malouda. The network offers them a place to talk about lifestyle, insurance financing, physiotherapy, sponsorship and anything else related to their careers.

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