Klopp Shocked Over Calls To Declare EPL Season Null And Void

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp said he was shocked by requests for the 2019/20 Premier League season to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Karren Brady, West Ham vice president, came up with the idea of ​​declaring the season null and void, which would affect all results, goals and points of the season – just 24 hours after the league's suspension in March.


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And commenting on reports about the season's cancellation, Klopp in a remote conversation with the DFB Academy of German football, via Goal.com: “There were rumors that people wanted to declare the season null and void. So you thought: ‘Huh? We played 76% of the season and you want to delete the thing? & # 39 ;.

"That would have been something that I personally would have considered unfair, just to say that it didn't.


“We are the first in the home table, we are the first in the away table. It is a season in which we must become champions.

“Dealing with the crisis is the most important thing. But that does not mean that certain things are not important just because they are less important.


“I think there are worse things in life than not being a champion. Many people around us have big problems. People die, it always does, but at the moment because of a virus that not everyone knew about and that no one could be prepared for.

“We cannot prepare for everything, but we also have to react frequently. This is the biggest part of my life, reacting to things I didn't expect ".

On Monday, Premier League clubs approve Project Restart stage 1, with Liverpool training again in small groups starting on Wednesday.

Klopp thinks that talking about a resumption is natural and believes that the Premier League training grounds will be safe environments.


Klopp continued: “People say: & # 39; How can you think about football, when people are dying around? & # 39; clear.


“When it comes to football, it means that we will start training at some point and, to make sure everyone is safe, unique measures are taken.

“As they were manufactured in Germany, they are now being taken to England.

“The training centers of English professional clubs will be the safest. There is nowhere to be infected.

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