Justice Department releases 176 more pages of Mueller documents for CNN and BuzzFeed

This is the fourth time that CNN got documents such as those of the Department of Justice regarding Mueller's investigation, as part of a joint process with BuzzFeed News. CNN is reading the documents now and will update this story.
So far, previous releases have detailed details that Mueller summarized in his final report on the actions of President Donald Trump and his campaign. Memos have so far revealed, for example, how key Trump campaign officials witnessed the president and other Trump campaign officials pushing to the launch of stolen Democratic emails and supported a conspiracy theory that Ukraine invaded the Democrats in 2016.

The memos, called 302s by the FBI, were typed by agents or prosecutors after questioning each witness. The Justice Department has kept many of the memos heavily written as they continue to release them this year.

This is a last-minute story and will be updated.


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