June 12: There is no peace for authors until Nigeria is transformed – Asiwaju Ajanaku

Asiwaju Odo O’odua (Youth President of O’odua), Asiwaju Rotimi Ajanaku, declared that the ghost of June 12 will continue to hunt criminals until the nation is transformed.


Asiwaju Ajanaku, who joined other notable Nigerians to commemorate June 12 of National Democracy Day this year, said that as long as millions of Nigerians continue to experience economic hardship, insecurity and social deprivation, no sinner will go unpunished.

“What we have as a nation now is not Nigeria that was in the minds of millions of people who happily and indiscriminately took to the streets, regardless of differences in religion, ethnicity or tribe to vote for Mosash Basorun Kashimawo Olawale Abiola. the president of this great nation on June 12, 1993.

“There would be no peace for those who truncated Basorun Abiola's victory by overturning the June 12, 1993, presidential election. I know one thing, as long as the masses in Nigeria continue to suffer, the spirit of June 12 will never stop to hunt the authors of the evil act.


"Abiola's government would have been & # 39; government for the masses & # 39; considering the way Nigerians gather around him and their promises to the masses and Nigerians in general. It would also bring a solution to the problems that militate against the unity and progress of this nation.

One thing is certain until this nation is transformed to a level where the common man is guaranteed three meals a day, a nation where the safety of lives and property will be prioritized, a country that would support industries and businesses to survive and create jobs for them. to young Nigeria, a nation where leaders at all levels would rise up against corruption, there would be no peace for those working against that nation.


Meanwhile, Ajanaku praised President Buhari and those who worked with him to get June 12 declared National Democracy Day. He also prayed for the families of those who died during the struggle to update Abiola's ambition.

“There is no better way to immortalize a very concerned person, a leader of a different value than what President Buhari did. The proclamation of June 12 as National Democracy Day by the President is an excellent way to immortalize a national leader of incomparable reputation who has contributed greatly to his community, state and nation, as well as to Africa, as a black continent, ”said Ajanaku .

“As we look back on another June 12, today, I pray to God to keep families left behind by those who lost their lives due to the June 12 struggle. When the nation regains its lost glory, the generation of those who fought for their liberation will be compensated by God, ”prayed Asiwaju Ajanaku.

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