Jigawa council to prosecute pastors wearing masks


In an attempt to end clashes between farmers / Jigawa State, The local Guri state council has banned pastors from wearing masks in the area, with offenders likely to face the law.

Alhaji Bashir Ibrahim-Damegi, president of the Legislative Council, made the disclosure in Guri, the council's headquarters on Monday.


He said the investigations revealed that, over time, the use of facial marks was common for criminal elements among pastors before attacking innocent people and destroying agricultural land.

"Shepherds don't have to cover their faces while grazing cattle, if they have nothing to hide," said Ibrahim-Damegi.

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The speaker added that, handling dangerous weapons, night and group pastures were also banned.

He said pastors caught wearing masks would be prosecuted under the council's Farmers and Pastors Regulation by Law No. 5, 2020.

“An offender can be sentenced to six months in prison with an N20,000 fine option.


"Handling dangerous weapons will also attract two years in prison with an option of 50,000 fines, while night and group herding would attract one year in prison with an N50,000 fine option under the law," he said.

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