Jets, Jamal Adams reach impasse in contract extension talks, sources say

O New York Jets and Jamal Adams reached an impasse in contract negotiations, sources confirmed to ESPN on Thursday, adding to tensions between the team and its security star.

The two sides have had several conversations since the beginning of NFL draft, but the Jets said they would rather wait for a long-term extension and Adams wants a deal before the season, sources said.


Adams Camp is upset that the Jets are dragging on, sources said.

On Wednesday, the possibility of a trade arose in a conversation between the two sides, sources said, but there are conflicting reports about the seriousness of these negotiations.

The Jets remain intent on hiring Adams, 24, for an extension and do not want to negotiate, a source said. Adams is said to be open to negotiation if his contractual demands are not met. More than half of the league's teams went to the Jets to express interest, according to a source.


Clearly, there is a fundamental difference at the time of a potential extension. They haven't discussed money yet, sources said.

Adams, eligible for a new contract now that he has completed his third season, said in January that he wants an extension until the start of the 2020 season. He is expected to earn $ 3.5 million this year. His salary jumps to $ 9.9 million in 2021, the fifth-year option value.


On the other hand, the Jets do not feel that there is a sense of urgency, because they have Adams under team control for at least two years and have the franchise brand option in 2022. Another component is the uncertainty created by coronavirus pandemic, which could have a major impact on NFL revenue.

Since 2011, only 16 of the 223 choices in the first round have received a new contract after the third season. The most recent was Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, which was eighth overall in 2017 – two positions after Adams.

Adams believes he is worthy of being an exception after being named All-Pro and making two Pro Bowls in his first three seasons. He did not name his price publicly, but it is believed that he wants to become the highest-paid security guard in the NFL. O Chicago Bears" Eddie Jackson has the highest average per year at $ 14.6 million.

The Jets received commercial offers for Adams last fall on the commercial term, with the Dallas Cowboys showing interest. Adams was furious to hear his name appear in business discussions.


General manager Joe Douglas said in February that his goal was to make Adams "a lifelong jet," and he did not hesitate publicly in that position. After the draft, Douglas said his plan was to contact Adams' agent to begin contract negotiations. He did, but those conversations were not fruitful.


Meanwhile, Adams is skipping the voluntary virtual offseason.

Longtime NFL reporter Gary Myers first reported the stalemate via Twitter.

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