Italy Fantasy’s last Derby Challenge brings you three giant games

Juventus vs Roma, Napoli vs Lazio and Atalanta vs Inter are the only ones.

Derby Challenge, an event, a lot of emotion!

The most exclusive game mode in the Realfevr continues, but this time with three games at the same time, a debut for us. Juventus x Pomegranate, Napoli x Lazio and Atalanta x Inter, from Italy Fantasy League, will decide who finishes on the podium behind the 9th world champion, “Vecchia Signora”.


Juventus, Pomegranate and Napoli doesn't have much to fight for, since the Turin club has already won the Scudetto, the Romans took 5th place and qualified for the UEFA Europa League and Napoli next season, unfortunately for the Partenopei, will finish Serie A in 7th place and failed to qualify for European competitions via the leaderboard (although he managed to do so by winning the Italian Cup last month).

Yet, Lazio, Inter and Atalanta are still in competition to finish the season on the podium, which will ensure automatic qualification for the next UEFA Champions League. The team that finishes in 4th will still have to play a knockout playoff before entering the group stage of the Champions League, which, at the beginning of the season, is always a “risky business”.

Here are the top seven current Serie A ratings:


Of all these 6 historic Italian clubs, you decide who you want on your team! Who will win and who will score the most points Derby Challenge of Realfevr:

  • Juventus or Roma? Napoli or Lazio? Atalanta or Inter?
  • Buffon or Lopez? Meret ot Strakosha? Gollini or Handanovič?
  • Alex Sandro or Kolarov? Di Lorenzo or Acerbi? Gosens or Stefan de Vrij?
  • Bentancur or Veretout? Insigne or Luis Alberto? Gómez or Brozović?
  • Cristiano or Džeko? Mertens or immobile? Zapata or Lukaku?

All of these questions will be answered this Saturday, August 1st, at 19:45 (GMT + 1)! In the meantime, create your own team here:


To clarify any doubt about how Derby Challenge works, we leave at your disposal a part of the launch article for this new game mode:

Derby Challenge: a new game model, like Daily Fantasy, in which you compete in a single event, creating a team for a specific game (or three at most), with limited options and all the adrenaline accumulated in 90 minutes.

In more practical terms, playing the newest RealFevr competition Derby Challenge you will need to create a new team when one is announced (the Derby Challenge is not always available) and the most common Classic League rules will apply here (sub-automatic, sub-manual, scoring, leaderboards, etc.) and will run side by side with their “main competitions”, Liga NOS Virtual, Italy Fantasy and other options available on RealFevr. At the top, there will be a leaderboard for the sum of all Derby Challenges over the season.

Although most of the rules are the same as in the classic Italy Fantasy mode, there are some specific Derby Challenge rules that you should be aware of, especially the following:

  • You can only register one team in the Derby Challenge;
  • You will have a maximum budget of 120 million;
  • There is no limit to the number of players from each club;
  • You can recycle your team each round of the Derby Challenge, as we will provide a wildcard to fix your team;
  • To use the "automatic substitutions" feature, you can only make changes to your team up to 15 minutes before the start of the (first) Derby Challenge match. If you make changes after that, the feature will be disabled;
  • The price of players will not vary in price during the season, unlike Italy Fantasy, for example, which is a competition that lasts for one season.

Now, don't waste time and create your own team at:


Good luck,
The RealFevr team

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