Investing Plunder of Abacha in the Niger Delta

Chris Udoh

SIR: In January 2018, the federal government recovered the $ 322 million Abacha plunder from Switzerland. And the government told us that they spent all the money on "Social investment".


I can't understand what that means in real terms. Now, another $ 311 recovery is here with us and the government (through presidential spokesman Garba Shehu) tells us that the funds have already been allocated in full to the Lagos-Ibadan and Abuja-Kaduna-Kano expressways and the second Niger bridge.

Although I do not dispute the president's constitutional powers, I prefer to suggest a fair distribution of these recovered monies.

For records, it is important that we all know the source of the billions of dollars that Abacha stole. To avoid doubts, this money did not come from cocoa, it did not come from peanuts, it did not come from cotton, nor from tomatoes.


The billions Abacha stole could have come from nowhere else, except oil from the Niger Delta and my state, Akwa Ibom, produced most of that money.

Now that the withdrawal is recovered, I believe that the true owners of these values ​​should be part of it to benefit from their allocation and distribution.


Akwa Ibom's people are good, welcoming, peaceful and quiet. Do not allow these wonderful characteristics to allow us to become liquid losers in your economy in its perpetuity.

It is reported that appointments in critical economic positions have eluded our sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom origin.

I did not see Akwa Ibom represented on the NNPC council, despite the state being Nigeria's largest oil producer.

We are not in CBN, sovereign wealth funds, major security departments and other institutions owned by the federal government. Do not allow us to lose all of this, and Abacha's loot arrives and is flown over our heads to another place.


We are in favor of a situation where everyone wins. Mr. President, please authorize that the latter has recovered US $ 311 million to be invested 100% in the completion of East-West Road.

Second, that the $ 3.4 billion IMF loan to be spent on the Ibom Deep Seaport construction project in Akwa Ibom state and the 2na Niger Bridge.

I believe that this IMF loan payment plan is still linked to the interest on the oil we produce and to economic companies in the East.

We are devastated by pollution and soil degradation caused by years of oil exploration. Akwa Ibom people would need a life after oil and the time to create an infrastructure that guarantees the future is now.

  • Chris Udoh, FCA Akwa Ibom State.

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