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The All Progressives Congress (APC) accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of assuming the power of the judiciary by declaring the candidate for governor of the Democratic Peoples Party (PDP), Senator Duoye Diri as governor-elect of Bayelsa State.


Senator Diri was sworn in as the fifth civil governor of the state of Bayelsa on Friday, after a trial by a five-man Supreme Court panel dismissing elected All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate David Lyon and his deputy, Biobarakuma Degi -Eremieoyo, hours before the inauguration.

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At a press conference on Friday, APC National President Comrade Adams Oshiomhole said that INEC acted illegally and that the party is rejecting the statement.


“I believe that the Federal Supreme Court has insisted on constitutional dissemination takes into account the fact that the constitution does not want a situation in which someone; governor or president, preside over the affairs of your state without at least enjoying two-thirds of the support of the state electorate.

“The votes scored by the PDP and its candidate in that election only met the requirement in five local governments and you need six LG to meet the requirements of two-thirds; and the PDP candidate did not meet this requirement.


“INEC has now chosen the appropriate judicial powers to interpret laws that it is not competent to do; instead of allowing the court to clarify the issue, INEC sought the appropriate judicial powers and chose to proceed without an express order from the Supreme Court, ”he said.

He said the party would seek legal redress to regain its mandate in the state.

“As a party, we consulted and resolved that we do not accept and reject INEC's decision to unlawfully declare the PDP candidate as the winner of the election and intending to waste votes cast in favor of David Lyon.

“We still believe that there are viable legal windows that we can explore; we still affirm our confidence in the judiciary, even with the pain in our hearts ”, he said.

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