Impeachment trial: live Senate updates

Evan Vucci / AP

President Trump initially hesitated to leaving for an economic forum in Davos according to several people, according to his judgment in the Senate in Washington, according to several people, but advisers assured that it was a quick trip and that they would keep him updated while he alternated between meetings with world leaders in Switzerland.

There was an internal debate about the wisdom of leaving the country when the impeachment trial began, officials said. Some advisers to Trump believed the trip was unnecessary and that he would be better placed to respond if he stayed in Washington.


But others said that a turnaround on the world stage, with a particular focus on a strong American economy, would allow Trump to present himself as an effective leader that Democrats are unfairly targeting.

Trump himself did not intend to make the trip until the end of last week, relying on advisers who said his appearances in Switzerland would be a valuable rebuttal of impeachment processes.

Trump will be informed today: Trump should return to the hotel at 2 pm. ET today – after the debate over rules and procedures has started.

"He has a whole day here in Davos, but he will be informed periodically by the team," Stephanie Grisham told reporters.

As is now common on Trump's overseas trips, advisers have ensured that his hotel room is equipped with a TIVO-like device that allows him to watch Fox News from abroad. It will also be equipped with its most powerful response tool: a phone to call your allies and on Twitter to broadcast your thoughts in real time.

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