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If you've ever had friends walking away from interesting conversations about 3D printing or wondered how mobile glass technology evolved and you felt like Ross explaining paleontology, we understand. Here is your chance to attend one of the hottest digital youth festivals that take place on Friday and Saturday, where you can enjoy not only 3D printing, but also AR, VR and other technological exhibitions. Read on to find out what's in store Tech2 Innovate.

3D printing

Although 3D printing has been around for some time, it has not yet been widely accepted mainly because of its prohibitive cost. There's no need to worry about that at Tech2 Innovate, where participants can see exactly how the technology works and use the 3D printer. If you are someone who always wanted to get his hands on someone or someone who is fascinated by the technology that allows you to build a three-dimensional object with the help of a computer-designed model, there is no denying that 3D printing is cool AF.


Corning Gorilla Glass Zone

The screen of your smartphone that can handle even after several drops is probably a Corning Gorilla Glass. With the company involved in the festival in an intricate way, this is a golden opportunity for anyone to understand the evolution of glass on our smartphones. Given the frequency with which we touch and use them, it is vital to understand how the most crucial part of your smartphone really works and what are some of the most fascinating aspects that users can expect to see in the years to come. All of this and more is available at the Corning Gorilla Glass Zone at Tech2 Innovate.

VR Cycling


No, your life is not as bad as the Black Mirror episode, in which you have to cycle all day in your workspace. Simply relax and unwind while wearing your virtual reality gear and wander around different terrains and competitors, while relaxing in the comfort of your own pit stop in the VR cycling arena. It surpasses 15 million merits, the Black Mirror episode by a milestone in any case.

Multiplayer AR

Ever thought that you were better than your friends in gameplay? Here's the perfect opportunity to prove them right. Simply choose your favorite game together with your gang and enjoy some serious multiplayer AR games to decide who is the best boss once and for all. Bonus points if you are having more fun than usual during the game.

Cricket bat trial

Ever wanted to try MS Dhoni's helicopter shooting? Or something more orthodox like a square cut or a six over? The Tech2 Innovate cricket bat test zone will allow you to play all these photos and more. Get out of ravine cricket and give your blows some serious goals with a visit to this arena. Who knows, this may announce the start of something exciting for you?

Games Arena

If you are indecisive like us, don't be afraid. The Youth Arena Gaming Arena is designed for casual players. Just go here and enjoy the game that suits you best. There should be no rules for you to play your favorite games, right? That's exactly what Gaming Arena hopes to do, offering access to a wide variety of sports to choose from and enjoy at the Tech2 Innovate festival.

If all these technological innovations and gaming zones got you excited, don't waste any more time and just book tickets for this exciting digital youth festival Immediately.

Welcome to Tech2 Innovate, The most definitive youth festival in India, celebrating innovation, will be held at GMR Grounds, Aerocity Phase 2, on 14 and 15 February 2020. Come and experience an amalgamation of technology, gadgets, automobiles, music, technology and pop culture along with who's who the online world. Book your tickets now.


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