I stand by my NATO statements

Boris Johnson greets people as he visits a Christmas market during a campaign event in Salisbury, England on Tuesday. Photo: Hannah McKay/AFP via Getty Images

As the NATO summit gets underway in London, Boris Johnson is out and about on the campaign trail ahead of the UK election in 10 days.

However the UK prime minister did have a few words for NATO leaders back in London on Tuesday.

Johnson said, according to PA news agency, “My message to the President, to all presidents — President Trump, President Macron, President Erdogan, Chancellor Merkel, all our friends — is look, this is a great alliance, it has had fantastic success for 70 years, it has delivered peace and prosperity.”

Ahead of Tuesday evening’s formal opening of the NATO leaders’ meeting marking the alliance’s 70th year, Johnson urged the allies to “tackle the threats” as one. He added: “Safety in numbers.”

The UK PM was also asked if he had procured a Christmas present for the US President, to which Johnson said he was sure “someone has thought of something suitable” but did not offer a suggestion.

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