I saw hell in Lebanon, says Lady accused of attempted murder, theft

Grace Obike, Abuja

Temitope Arowolo, the 31-year-old Nigerian, falsely accused of attempted murder, theft and imprisonment in Lebanon, said she saw hell in the Middle East nation.

Arowolo, who landed in Abuja on Saturday, said he did not want his experience with Satan or his enemy.


According to her: “I'm happy to be at home, going to Lebanon was like hell, nobody knows what will happen there, but I advise other girls to stay here in Nigeria and try to do it the way the Lord wants, because going out out there for me it was hell, not just in Lebanon, but what I experienced in Lebanon, I pray that Satan doesn't experience it. "

Director General of the National Trafficking in Persons Agency (NAPTIP),
Dame Julie Okah-Donli, who was present to welcome her, said she would ensure that all those responsible for the Arolowo traffic are taken to the reserve.

She said she will find out from lawyers whether Arowolo's charges have been dropped since she was falsely accused.


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She said: “We are going to rehabilitate her in the shelter and train her. Of course, she has to be quarantined for two weeks, that is the law; we will take her to the shelter after 14 days and give some psychosocial support because she is traumatized; therefore, we will advise, rehabilitate and enable it. fact that she already has so many people ready to empower her.

“We can only begin the job of arresting after we draw a profile and advise it properly; then, we will obtain all the necessary information that will lead to the arrest of its traffickers; we need to ensure that all those responsible are taken to the reservation.


“She was accused of attempted murder and theft, which we know was not true. The Lebanese ambassador promised that he would be released and that God be the glory that was released and that he is back. "

The Nation recalls that Arowolo was scheduled to return with the last group of Nigerians evacuated from Lebanon in May, but was not allowed to board after her employers accused her of stealing $ 5,000 and trying to kill him.

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