How to listen to the Supreme Court’s live oral arguments

Time: 10:00 am ET Monday.

Case: United States Patent and Trademark Office et al v.


Where to find it: streams all oral arguments live.

Why it's a big deal: For the first time ever, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the court is hearing oral arguments via teleconference. And also broadcast it live, something the court never did. (However, there are still no TV cameras.)

participants: Erica L. Ross, Assistant Attorney and Lisa S. Blatt, Attorney for


Importance: The case concerns trademark protection in the age of the internet business. was denied trademark protection because the Patent and Trademark Office found the name was too generic and that trademark it would give the company an unfair monopoly over a common word.

The digital travel company sued and won when a judicial court ruled that the name "Booking" combined with ".com" was protective.


The Ministry of Justice has appealed to the Supreme Court. Prior to justice, claims the government has been inconsistent and already approved protection for,, and

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