How betBonanza Is Keeping Punters Engaged Without Sports Betting

Sporting events and the sports industry around the world have stopped in recent weeks. The outbreak and spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19) has virtually prevented all sports and even football activities on most continents in the world. In this article, we'll look at how betting companies are working hard to keep their bettors engaged and make money.

The impact of coronavirus in sports


Since the pandemic outbreak, Europe's top five football leagues have been suspended. Many other sports have also been suspended or postponed around the world. This threw millions of fans into limbo and uncertainty. Not knowing when the situation will normalize or when they will be able to start watching their favorite stars and teams again.

The situation is worse for clubs and federations that are already in debt. Recently, Borussia Mochenglabach players, coaches and directors agreed to donate their salaries to help the club financially. Many are already saying that unless games are resumed in the leagues (even if they are behind closed doors) by April at the latest, it would be difficult for many clubs to survive economically. This means that hundreds of thousands of jobs can be lost. Well, this is to tell you the mess that many European clubs are going through.

Key words: Sports betting in Africa – a growing industry


The impact of coronavirus on the gambling industry in Nigeria

The Nigerian gambling industry is a very peculiar market, with more than 90% of Nigerian gamblers concentrating and dedicating themselves mainly to sport, specifically football. Many gamblers have been thrown into boredom, while so many bookmakers are leaving the market.


Is there any other source of entertainment and relaxation for ordinary sports lovers in Nigeria? What is the way forward for the bettor who depends on the European league not only to watch football, but also to make money? Since he has bills to pay and his life to live, in what ways can he have fun and make money too?

Online Casinos and Virtuals are to the rescue

A secret gold mine that many gamblers don't even know about is online and virtual casinos. Most Nigerians are football and sports fans, whose passion inspired them to place bets. So they just bet on sport and now they think that only sport can make them win. The fact is that; that mindset must be changed in these times.

Experts said that in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, online platforms like the casino and virtual non-human interaction are the best and safest option. You can have the same feeling as sports betting. You can have the same opportunity to bet any amount you want. You can also select your favorite teams, as you would in sports betting. But it is better because the matches are played and resulted in less than 5 minutes.


As more Nigerians choose to stay at home or are left with few options to leave, online betting companies are improving the option. Take, for example, Nigeria's innovative gaming company, betBonanza.


About betBonanza

The company was launched in June last year and, to date, more than 50,000 active customers are betting on its platform BetBonanza also has more than 1000 active trading agents in Nigeria. It also brought some of the most innovative products to the Nigerian market with regard to online casinos and virtual.

BetBonanza has the largest collection of online virtual games and games in the store in Nigeria. No other gambling company in Nigeria has stocked more virtual products.

* Football League

* Betanza League

* Greyhounds

* Color-Color

* Super 6

* Spin and win

* Keno

All of the above are super easy to play and the result favors mainly bettors. That is why they are popularly considered the best virtual machines that Bonanza Virtuals is growing every day. BetBonanza also has virtual pepper jackpots: gold, silver and bronze. Jackpots fall from time to time, making millionaires from time to time in regular Nigerian times.

Nigeria's largest collection of casinos and virtual games

With regard to the casino, which is relatively new to many Nigerian gamblers, betBonanza also stands out, with Nigeria's largest online casino offering, additional games arriving every week.

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