House of Reps is no longer safe for us, legislator shouts

Tony Akowe, Abuja

HOUSE of Representatives spokesman Benjamin Kalu warned of the security of the National Assembly.


He said the place was no longer safe for them to work.

Kalu's office, located on the first floor of the new Chamber of Deputies complex, was attacked by unknown people, who looted the place. The internal office door was left unlocked.

The motives of the assailants remain unclear.


Kalu said he reported the incident to the head of security at the National Assembly.

The legislator, who is chairman of the Chamber's Media and Public Affairs Committee, expressed shock at the incident, saying it was evident that the National Assembly was no longer safe.


He said: “It is really surprising to see that someone has broken into my office. We are still trying to find out what the intention was. Would it be necessary to remove an important document or check if we left any valuables or money in the office or to plant any security or espionage devices inside my office? I do not know the reason.

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– But I asked my aides to record the incident with the arms sergeant. I'm sure the police here will be investigating because that's scary. It is a committee office and this is happening.

“This is one of the consequences of COVID-19, which made us not sit down every day. When we were seated every day, we never experienced that. The bad guys see this as an opportunity to break into people's offices.

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