Headteachers Say The Government’s Plan To Get All Primary School Pupils Back Before Summer Is Virtually Impossible

Primary school teachers across England accused ministers of treating students and teachers as "guinea pigs" and taking risks safely, with the aim of bringing back three-year-old students in just three weeks – and opening primary schools totally in late June.

The Department of Education guidelines released Monday night state that schools should divide your classes in half following the coronavirus pandemic, with no more than 15 students per small group, plus a teacher and, if necessary, a teaching assistant.


The government says that children of primary age are not expected to be 2 meters away, but contact should be reduced as much as possible – therefore, the intervals and times of departure and departure should be staggered and more lessons should be carried out outdoors.

But school leaders told BuzzFeed News that the plans will be incredibly difficult to implement in practice and raised concerns that there was insufficient scientific evidence to ensure that staff and students could remain safe.

A principal at a primary school in London, who asked not to be named, said: “They are literally treating us like guinea pigs. How do you find space to divide students into classes of no more than 15 years, and employees who, and schedule breaks, visits to the bathroom, arrival and departure at school?


"There is a clear decision to take risks with the team and the safety of the students, but with precautions to try to limit the spread beyond each group."

Government guidelines state that any school that cannot reach small groups, because there are not enough classrooms, should discuss options with the local authority or trust. "The solutions may involve children attending a nearby school," says the document.


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