Hackers are targeting coronavirus health workers in the UK and US, officials warn

UK and US security agencies have warned that hackers are targeting organizations involved in the coronavirus answer.


The United Kingdom's National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC) and the US Infrastructure and Cyber ​​Security and Security Agency (CISA) say hackers target international health and medical research organizations.

Paul Chichester, director of operations for NCSC, said: “Protecting the healthcare industry is NCSC's first and foremost priority right now, and we are working closely with the NHS to keep its systems safe.

“By prioritizing all requests for support from healthcare organizations and maintaining close contact with the sectors involved in responding to the coronavirus, we can inform them of any malicious activity and take the necessary steps to help them defend themselves.


Hackers target coronavirus researchers

"But we cannot do this alone, and we recommend that policy makers and healthcare researchers take our steps to defend themselves against password enforcement campaigns."


Experts believe that hackers are attacking these organizations in a desperate attempt to collect information related to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Based on the findings, experts urge people working in these organizations to be vigilant about their cyber security.

The team is being advised to change passwords that can reasonably be guessed by one created with three random words.

They were also asked to implement two-factor authentication to reduce the threat of compromises.


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