Gov Zulum : Only qualified teachers will teach in Borno [ARTICLE]


He said his government created a committee to examine the qualifications and quality of teachers, with the aim of releasing the unskilled.


“If we want to keep some unskilled teachers, we have to post them elsewhere.


"We want to make sure we have the right teachers to train qualified students from our schools",& # 39; Zulum said.



The Nigeria News Agency (NAN) reports that education was on the 10-point agenda of the administration led by Zulum.

The governor said that, within a year, his government carried out 76 educational projects, including the construction of 23 mega schools and the rehabilitation of many other schools.

He explained that most schools, mainly secondary schools, were technical colleges to allow students to acquire technical skills in order to fit into the job market.

"We want to promote hygiene, technical and professional education, the quality of our teachers and also maintain a reasonable proportion of teachers / students," said the governor.

In the health area, he advised the Board of Directors of the Ministry of Health and Hospital of the state to recruit another 20 doctors, 150 nurses and midwives.

“They must also recruit 200 nurses and midwives, all in an effort to improve the health care system.

“Our tertiary hospitals are overcrowded and the best way out is to strengthen the primary health care system.

“We built 23 primary health centers and we are still doing more because we want to reach the minimum limit, as described by the World Health Organization, which is having primary care by ward.

“Where we have more population, we will establish more.

"We have also built two maternal health centers in Maiduguri for our free maternal health program, enshrined in our constitution."

The governor reaffirmed his administration plan to also expand farmland for farmers in the state this year to strengthen food security.

Zulum said his government provided fertilizers and other inputs.

He is also speaking with the Army Chief of Staff, who instructed the military to expand the scope of agricultural activities in the state.

According to him, Agro Rangers and the Civil Civil Task Force are also being mobilized to complement the military in protecting farmers.

In the area of ​​drinking water, the governor said the Maiduguri Water Treatment Plant was overhauled, while 200 new holes were drilled and 300 others were rehabilitated.

The governor noted that civilian authority had been restored in many areas of local government.

He added that his government has built trust in citizens, particularly those affected by the insurgency in rural areas through regular visits and providing humanitarian support to them.

“I visited all local governments, some of them three to four times to ensure stabilization at the local government level, thus reducing the deficit in trust between the government and the people.

"Only when you bring the population to your side will you win the insurgency and reduce the recruitment of local residents by the insurgents,"& # 39; Zulum said.

He urged the people of Borno, whose prayers, he said, were the magic for his government's performance to remain patient, resilient and steadfast, and to commit to transforming the state.

The governor assured that he remained committed, with his team, to continue to provide good governance.

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