Google prohibits popular Android apps, now you must delete them from your phone

Has a new Android application notice and it is advisable to notify you if one of the popular applications is installed on your smartphone. It was revealed that Google recently removed more than 30 popular apps from the Play Store after it was discovered that they had the ability to bombard users with unwanted ads and intrusive browser redirects, which would take Android fans to sites without them clicking on a link.

The discovery of these malicious and adware-filled applications was made by the team at WhiteOps who said that a criminal group was behind the threat.


These cyber criminals began uploading the software – which was primarily aimed at the beauty and selfie market – to the Google Play Store in January 2019.

During the previous period of these attacks, Google's protection service had deleted most applications a few weeks after uploading due to its malicious nature.

In fact, according to WhiteOps, most of these apps only lasted 17 days before they were blocked.


But, despite their short life on the Play Store, they still managed to accumulate more than 500,000 downloads, which makes the attack extremely serious. If that weren't enough, things got worse in September 2019, with criminals changing tactics.


Android warning, as Google removes more than 30 apps from its popular store (Image: GOOGLE • GETTY)

The new threats were made possible by hiding the malicious code or deleting it completely – which meant they were able to bypass Google's security.

But at any time, it seems that the nasty adware can be reactivated through a simple update, which is why Google has removed all applications from the market, although many appear clean.

A total of 38 apps were deleted from the Play Store, but during their lifetime in the online store, they have been downloaded a total of 20 million times.

In a post on its website, WhiteOps explained: "The White Ops Satori Threat Research and Intelligence Team recently identified and tracked a fraud operation that processed fraudulent advertising on users' devices. These applications have accumulated over 20 million downloads .


Google app store


Google app store (Image: GOOGLE)

“What all these apps have in common – in addition to their fraudulent tactics – is the focus on beauty. Most important are selfie apps that add beauty filters to users ’photos, while showing ads out of context and making it almost impossible to remove the apps.

"Since the first app was published, fraudsters published a new app every 11 days, on average. And, on average, these apps were removed from the Play Store 17 days later.

"These figures tell the story of a cat and mouse game, in which the Play Store pursues the fraudster and keeps it under control, removing fraudulent applications as quickly as possible.

"The fraudster probably developed a more robust mechanism to prevent detection and removal. A batch of 15 applications, all published after September 2019, had a much slower removal rate using these new techniques."

We have listed all the apps now excluded below – which have been published by WhiteOps – and, if you have them installed on your device, it is a good idea to remove them as soon as possible.

• Yoroko Camera – INSTALL 100,000

• Solu Camera – INSTALL 500,000

• Beauty Camera Lite – INSTALL 1 million

• Beauty Collage Lite – INSTALL 500,000 –

• Beauty camera and filters – INSTALL 1 million

• Photo collage and beauty camera – INSTALL 100,0000

• Selfie Filter for Beauty Camera – INSTALL 10,000

• Gaty Beauty Camera – INSTALL 500,000

• Pand Selife beauty camera – INSTALL 50,000

• Catoon Photo Editor and Selfie Beauty Camera – INSTALL 1 million

• Benbu Selife Beauty camera – INSTALL 1 million

• Pinut Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor – INSTALL 1 million

• Selife mood photo editor and beauty camera – INSTALL 500,000

• Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera – INSTALL 1 million

• Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor – INSTALL 100,000

• Fog Selife beauty camera – INSTALL 100,000

• First Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor – INSTALA 5000.000

• Vanu Selife beauty camera – INSTALL 100,000

• Sun Pro Beauty Cameraa – INSTALL 1 million

• Sweet and funny beauty camera – INSTALL 500,000

• Little Bee Beauty Camera – INSTALL 1 million

• Beauty Camera & Photo Editor Pro – INSTALL 1 million

• Beauty Grass camera – INSTALL 1 million

• Ele Beauty Camera – INSTALL 1 million

• Beauty camera with flowers – INSTALL 100,000

• Best Selfie Beauty camera – INSTALL 1 million

• Orange Camera – INSTALL 500,000

• Sunny Beauty Camera – INSTALL 1 million

• Pro Selfie Beauty Camera – INSTALL 500,000

• Selfie Beauty Camera Pro – INSTALL 1 million

• Elegant Beauty Cam-2019 – INSTALL 50,000

Google continues to improve the security of its applications and things are getting better for Android fans, but it still takes precautions before downloading anything to your phone.

First, make sure the developer is reputable and trustworthy. Then read the comments, as this is where you usually find out if other users have noticed problems. Many low scores and complaints probably mean the best way to stay clear.

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