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Google has now confirmed that it is testing a new model that will allow consumers to purchase subscriptions outside the app.

The company confirmed for Tech Crunch that a select set of developers is testing the new feature that allows consumers to purchase an app subscription outside of it.

According to the report, instead of clicking on pop-ups in the app and reading the fine print inside an app, users can now choose to purchase app subscriptions directly from their apps. Game store listing page, even if they don't have the app installed.


According to the report, the functionality is being made available through the Android version 3 billing library, which Google recently introduced.


Google app store. Image: tech2

The library allows users to redeem free trials before installing the app and also allows them to re-sign up for subscriptions they used to pay for from Google Play subscription center.

Google had previously announced the change to a blog post.

"Billing library version 3 unlocks the ability for users to discover and purchase items outside of your app, such as in the Play Store. One example is the new frictionless subscription promotional code redemption experience. Now, when you offer promotional codes for unsigned trials, users can easily redeem them on Game store – even if your app is not yet installed. It is a simple experience to redeem, sign and install that reduces the effort required for users to continue ", says the blog post.


According Tech Crunch report, users will see an additional "Free trial and installation" button in addition to "Install"On the app listing page. By clicking on it, they can easily buy the subscription.


According The Verge, the move appears to be part of Google’s effort to support digital signature services.

He adds that in April, Google announced that it would begin to tighten the rules regarding in-app subscriptions to facilitate cancellation and force developers to be more transparent about billing cycles.

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