Google Chrome has a new useful trick to keep track of your browsing

To test tab groups, Chrome version 83 is required. Google usually updates the browser in the background while the Apple Mac or Windows 10 is running and connected to Wi-Fi; the browser will have already been updated.

Otherwise, don't worry, you can start the process manually by clicking on the three dot menu in the upper right corner and clicking Update Google Chrome.


Once this is done, you will see the new option when you right-click on a tab.

In the new menu, you should see the option to Add to new group. This will allow you to name a new group – such as Work, for example – and define a specific color for the tabs in that group. Obviously, if you are the type of person who closes the previous tab as soon as you open a new one, this feature will not be very useful.



But if, like us, you work with a few dozen tabs open all the time – between calendars, email clients, some light reading, shopping and more – this should provide a quick way to get a quick look at the windows of the Chrome to identify which guides are work and are pleasure.

After creating some groups, you can add a new tab by right-clicking and selecting Add to an existing group and choose what you want. Best of all? Whenever you close and reopen Google Chrome, your tab groupings will be restored and loaded automatically.


Having grouped tabs should also make it easier to manipulate compressed browser windows. After a group is set up, you can right-click on any tab in the group to move all tabs to a new window or close all tabs in a particular group. As you would expect, there is also an option to ungroup if you accidentally added your HMV shopping cart to the Work tab.

Google plans to expand the functionality of these groups of guides over time, but it’s already a pretty impressive start. If the feature on the Group tab is not showing up in your browser, you may need to wait patiently.

Google is slowly rolling out the feature worldwide – so it may take some time to get to your machine.

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