Google and YouTube down: Search engines not working in major outage


UPDATE ONE: After a brief interruption, Google and YouTube are functioning normally. So feel free to search and enjoy videos again!

Our original story follows …


Having trouble loading Google or YouTube? Well, you're not alone. It seems that both search engines are not working properly for many users this afternoon. can confirm that Google's search engine functionality is not working. This was corroborated by a range of other users on Twitter.

When attempting to load the Google homepage or leverage any of its search functions, the message "this site cannot be accessed" is being displayed.


Independent outage monitor Downdetector recorded more than 200 reports to Google and YouTube at the time of this writing.

Reporting on Google's Twitter outage, a user said, "Google services are down. Yay .: /"

Another wrote: "Google is down. Work at home just got harder."


A third said, "Okay. Which one of you broke Google! It's not working for me right now."

It's a similar story to YouTube, although the hugely popular video search engine is still working for at the moment.

"YouTube is down. No one can post content. This is really the end of time," posted one user.

A second said: "YouTube is down now, I tried to stream too and I had the same problem".

In addition to Google Search and YouTube, reports have emerged from Google Analytics, Google Docs and several other Google services that are also experiencing problems.

Obviously, will keep you updated with the interruption in progress.

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