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  • Global cases of the new coronavirus have reached seven million, as case numbers increase in Brazil and India, according to a Reuters report. About 30% of these cases, or two million infections, are in the United States. Latin America has the second largest outbreak, with more than 15% of cases. Globally, deaths from the new coronavirus are reaching 400,000. Approximately three million people have recovered.

  • Brazil removed months of data from the public display on the COVID-19 epidemic, while President Jair Bolsonaro advocated delays and changes in the official record keeping of the world's second largest coronavirus outbreak. At least 36,000 people died of the coronavirus in the country.
  • Indonesia recorded almost 993 new cases of coronavirus, a new one-day high for the country that has raised its total case load above 30,000, with 1,801 deaths – most in Southeast Asia, as the government released an enhanced stimulus package valued at $ 47.6 billion.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has changed its position regarding facial masks and is now encouraging people to use them in crowded places, citing anecdotal evidence that supports its value in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Here are the most recent updates:

June 7, Sunday

04:55 GMT – Thailand reports eight new cases, zero new deaths for 13 days in a row

On Sunday, Thailand recorded eight new cases of coronavirus and no new deaths, bringing the total to 3,112 infections and 58 deaths since the outbreak began in January.


The new cases were repatriated – five from the United Arab Emirates, two from Kuwait and one from India – and were in quarantine, where most of Thailand's recent cases were detected, said Panprapa Yongtrakul, assistant spokesman for the COVID-19 Administration of the government. Center.

Thailand recorded zero new deaths for 13 straight days, she said.


04:39 GMT – Shanghai pharmaceutical company starts human testing for drug COVID-19

Shanghai Junshi Biosciences started an initial study to test its potential treatment with antibodies against coronavirus in healthy people, Reuters reported on Sunday citing the official journal Liberation Daily's online channel.

The experimental drug, JS016, is expected to start studies with humans in the United States in the second quarter of this year, through collaboration with Eli Lilly and company, with which Junshi announced a partnership last month.

04:18 GMT – Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany increase from 301 to 183,979

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany has increased from 301 to 183,979, data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases showed on Sunday.

The reported death toll increased from 22 to 8,668, the count showed.


03:27 GMT – Bukele in El Salvador maintains veto of coronavirus legislation

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele has for the second time vetoed emergency legislation to regulate the Central American country's coronavirus policy and inaugurate a gradual reopening of its economy, his legal team said.


Bukele's lawyer, Conan Castro, said that Bukele vetoed the law supported on May 30 by Congress because it violated a number of constitutional guarantees, including workers' rights and health and cooperation between government agencies.

Castro was talking to reporters at a news conference in San Salvador with other members of Bukele's legal team.

Bukele, who has been at odds with Congress for weeks over the coronavirus policy, vetoed a similar law in May, claiming to endanger public health. He had said he would do the same with the law passed last weekend. El Salvador has about 2,934 cases of coronavirus and 53 reported deaths.

El Salvador has about 2,934 coronavirus cases and 53 reported deaths [Jose Cabezas/Reuters]

03:03 GMT – China would make coronavirus vaccine a "global public good"

China will increase international cooperation if it succeeds in developing a new coronavirus vaccine, the minister of science and technology said on Sunday.

China would make the vaccine a "global public good" when it is ready, Minister Wang Zhigang told Reuters news agency during a news conference in Beijing.

02:32 GMT – Brazil removes data from COVID-19, hiding the death toll

Brazil removed months of data on the COVID-19 epidemic from public view, while President Jair Bolsonaro advocated delays and changes in official record keeping for the world's second largest coronavirus outbreak.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health removed data from a website that documented the epidemic over time and by state and municipality.

The ministry also stopped giving a total count of confirmed cases, which reached 672,000 – more than anywhere else in the United States – or a total death toll, which passed in Italy this week, reaching 36,000 on Saturday.

"The accumulated data … does not reflect the moment the country is in," Bolsonaro said on Twitter, citing a note from the ministry. "Other actions are underway to improve notification of cases and confirmation of diagnoses."

Bolsonaro downplayed the dangers of the pandemic, replaced medical experts at the Ministry of Health with military officials and argued against state blockades to fight the virus, hampering the country's public health response.

02:06 GMT – Second day of more than 50 cases of the South Korean virus

South Korea recorded 57 additional cases of coronavirus, marking for the second consecutive day that its daily jump is above 50, as officials struggle to suppress a spike in new infections in the densely populated Seoul metropolitan area, the news agency reported. Associated Press.

The figures released on Sunday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Korea raised the country's total to 11,776 cases, with 273 deaths. The agency says 10,552 people have recovered while 951 are still on treatment.

South Korea's number of cases peaked in late February and early March, but significant further easing amid aggressive screening, testing and treatment has prompted authorities to loosen strict rules of social detachment. Since then, the country has seen an increase in new infections, especially in the Seoul region.

01:43 GMT – China reports six new cases of COVID-19, five asymptomatic cases

China registered six new cases of the new coronavirus on Sunday, three more than the day before.

Five of the new cases, registered at the end of Saturday, involved travelers from abroad, the National Health Commission (NHC) said on its website.

A locally transmitted case was found in the southern island of Hainan province.

The NHC also confirmed five new asymptomatic cases, or people infected with the virus, but showing no symptoms, compared with two the day before.

The total number of infections in China, where the virus first appeared at the end of last year, is 83,036. With no new deaths reported, the death toll remained 4,634.

01:34 GMT – Brazil records 904 new deaths from coronavirus in 24 hours – ministry of health

Brazil recorded an additional 904 deaths from coronavirus and 27,075 new cases in the last 24 hours, the Reuters news agency reported on Sunday citing the country's Ministry of Health.

The Latin American country recorded 35,930 total deaths from coronavirus and 672,846 confirmed cases.

Brazil - coronavirus

Brothers Carlos Alexandre and Wagner Cardninot attend the funeral on Saturday of their father, José Herminio de Farias, 76, who died of coronavirus disease in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [Pilar Olivares/Reuters]

01:08 GMT – Sri Lanka to reopen to international tourism on August 1st

Sri Lanka says it will be reopened to international tourists starting Aug. 1, after "successful containment" of the new coronavirus.

The country's airports have been closed since March because of the global pandemic.

Sri Lanka Tourism said in a statement on Saturday that all precautionary measures recommended by global health and travel authorities have been implemented to keep visitors and residents safe.

Sri Lanka recorded 1,810 confirmed cases, including 11 deaths.

00:34 GMT – Mexico reports 3,593 new cases, 341 new deaths

Mexico's Ministry of Health registered 3,593 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and 341 additional deaths, bringing the total in the country to 113,619 cases and 13,511 deaths.

The government said the actual number of infected people is likely to be significantly higher than the confirmed cases.

00:01 GMT – Russia records second highest death toll in one day

Russia recorded its second highest death toll in a day with COVID-19, even though the number of new coronavirus infections remained constant.

The national coronavirus task force said 197 people died the day before, far above the 144 the day before. The highest death toll in a day was 232 on May 29.

In total, there were 8,855 new cases of infection. Russia recorded more than 458,000 cases, including 5,725 deaths.


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