George W. Bush calls for an end to partisanship in fight against coronavirus

"We are not party traps," he said in one video message posted by the George W. Bush Presidential Center on Twitter Saturday. "We are human beings, just as vulnerable and equally wonderful in the eyes of God. We rise or fall. And we are determined to rise."
The former boss of the boss's message comes as the country struggles with more than 1 million confirmed cases of coronavirus and more than 66,500 deaths, according to the latest count from Johns Hopkins University. Bush's message was originally shared under "The call to unite"24 hour event.

"Medical professionals are risking their own health for the health of others, and we are deeply grateful. Officials at all levels set the requirements for public health that protect us all. And we must all do our part," Bush said.

"We cannot allow physical separation to become emotional isolation," he continued, adding: "This requires that we not only be compassionate, but creative in our outreach, and people across the nation use the tools of technology and the cause of solidarity. "


Bush, who has been largely silent during the pandemic, said that after September 9, he "saw a great nation rise as one to honor the brave for grieving and embracing inevitable new duties."

"And I have no doubt at all that this spirit of service and sacrifice is alive and well in America," he said.

Despite restrictions such as social distance measures, Bush said Americans "can find ways to be present in other people's lives to ease anxiety and share their burdens." And the former president asked that the country "remembers how small our differences are in meeting this shared threat."

Yet on Sunday, President Donald Trump tried to reject his predecessor's comments, tweeting that Bush "was nowhere to be found" during Trump's trial.

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