Fraudulent coronavirus text message informs people that they could have contracted COVID-19

A coronavirus scam text is circulating and tells people that they could have contracted COVID-19, experts warned.


The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has warned of the fraud message, which arises when the UK government starts testing a new coronavirus contact the tracking app on the Isle of Wight.

Katherine Hart, director of CTSI, said: "We have witnessed an increase in COVID-19-related scams since the beginning of the blockade. This evidence is yet another example of a scammer modifying his campaigns as the situation develops.

"I am especially concerned about the possibility of fraud with themes around the contact tracking app, even though the official NHS app was only launched during a limited testing phase on the Isle of Wight."


The fraud message informs recipients that they have contacted someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Coronavirus Text Strike

It says: "Some who have contacted you have had positive results or have shown symptoms for COVID-19 and recommend that you isolate yourself / get tested".

It also includes a link to a fake website, which asks for your personal details.

According to CTSI, scammers could use the information to gain access to their bank accounts and commit other forms of identity fraud.

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Hart added: "These texts are a way of stealing personal data and can put the recipients' bank accounts at risk. If someone receives texts or other types of messages like that, they should not click on the links that accompany them and report them to Fraud. of action. "

If you receive the message, do not click on the link and delete it immediately.

To report instances of fraud, visit the Action Fraud website or, if you are in Scotland, call Police Scotland at 101.


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