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What to Know

  • Jennifer Dulos, a suburban mother of five from Connecticut, disappeared on May 24 after dropping her kids off at school
  • The separated husband was charged with murder and other crimes; his ex-girlfriend was accused of conspiracy to commit murder
  • Authorities received thousands of tips in their search to find Jennifer Dulos, but found no signs of her in more than seven months

Fotis Dulos, the husband of a missing mother of five and charged with murder, will not be released on bail on Wednesday over a paperwork issue, his lawyer said.

If Dulos posts his $ 6 million bond on Thursday, which he hopes to do, he will be placed under house arrest with GPS monitoring and will be unable to have any contact with his children, a Connecticut judge determined Wednesday.


Dulos is charged with manslaughter, murder and kidnapping in the apparent death of Jennifer Dulos, from New Canaan, who has not been seen since leaving her children at school on May 24. The two were in the middle of a contentious divorce and custody. battle at the moment.

Also on Wednesday at Stamford High Court: Fotis Dulos's ex-girlfriend Michelle Troconis and her friend and former lawyer Kent Mawhinney. Both are accused of conspiracy to commit murder.

The Troconis title was reduced to $ 1.5 million on Wednesday; she is also due to publish this on Thursday and will also be placed under house arrest with GPS monitoring. Her mother and sister were in court for Wednesday's hearing; she blew a kiss in their direction. Troconis' lawyer spoke only to ask for a bail reduction, which he obtained, saying: "She did not benefit from the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos".


Mawhinney faces the same bail agreement, although his title remained at $ 2 million, the same as the day before when he was arrested. Messages asking for comments were left in Mawhinney's office. He and Troconis are accused of helping Fotis Dulos to cover up his wife's murder.

The public prosecutor asked Mawhinney for house arrest, saying the suspect escaped from the police when he learned there was an arrest warrant and asked for $ 2 million bail.

The judge said Mawhinney has a pending violation of a court order, kept the title at $ 2 million, ordered GPS monitoring and Mawhinney to hand over his passport.


All three are expected to return to court for their respective appearances next month.

It had been known for months that Fotis Dulos was the prime suspect in his wife's disappearance. Another arrest warrant for violating evidence revealed that it was recorded on surveillance video in Hartford, with Troconis riding with him in a pickup truck, discarding items that later tested positive for Jennifer Dulos's blood.

Norm Pattis, a lawyer for Fotis Dulos, said on Tuesday that he was not surprised by the arrests, but does not believe his client will be convicted. Fotis Dulos has denied any involvement in the disappearance of his wife.

"What these accusations tell us is that the state has evidence and does not know what to do with it," said Pattis. "And what you want to do is throw as much as possible against the wall and let the jury decide what happened. Our position" this is not good enough for Fotis Dulos. "

At a later press conference on Tuesday, Pattis said that "they categorically deny that Dulos had any involvement in the disappearance of his wife Jennifer, and we challenge the state to prove that she is indeed dead."

A day later, after the prosecution, Pattis said, "There doesn't seem to be a gun at the crime scene, there doesn't seem to be any admission or statement. There is no body. What we have is a suspicious disappearance and a crime entirely." circumstantial case ".

Although it is not known what role he may or may not have played, Pattis said the authorities took an ax from inside Dulos' garage, although they did not think it had any meaning for him.

"We heard for weeks that they were looking for an ax and there was a discussion about whether we should give it to them. My opinion was that no, you don't go into the police saying 'here's an ax'." Pattis said. "If there was any meaning to that, I doubt it would be in plain sight for all of them when they entered the house."

Pattis also said that he hopes the three cases will be consolidated.

As for what happened to Jennifer Dulos, Fotis Dulos and his lawyers offered a series of scenarios, including one in which Jennifer Dulos fled to punish him, as the female protagonist in the novel and film "Gone Girl".

In the new arrest warrants released Tuesday, police revealed allegations that Mawhinney's cell phone touched a tower on May 31 near the Windsor Rod & Gun Club, where hunters found a hole dug in the ground on May 18.

Hunters said the hole was large enough for a human body, and that inside the hole was a tarpaulin and sealed lemon bags, which, according to authorities, can be used to cover the smell of corpses.

The hole was found covered in June. Later, the police dug up the site, but found nothing. Mawhinney's cell phone also hit a tower near the club in March, police said.

Mawhinney was known to the police before Tuesday's arrest. He was arrested twice in 2019 in an unrelated case. The first was a domestic violence incident in January 2019, in which he was arrested on charges of sexual assault, disorderly conduct and illegal restraint. The second arrest, according to the police, was for violating a protection order that was implemented as a result of the first arrest after he allegedly tried to use a third party to contact the victim.

In a statement after news of the arrests, the family of Jennifer Dulos said in part: "While we are relieved that the waiting for these charges to be over, there is no sense of closure for us. Nothing can bring Jennifer back. We miss you. each day and will always mourn your loss. "

Her body has not yet been found. According to the arrest warrants, a coroner determined that she was killed for “some combination of traumatic and blunt force injuries, such as spanking / beating and / or acute force injuries, such as stab wounds / blows.” The examiner cited spots blood in your home, apparent cleaning efforts and blood spatter analysis.

Last year, the Connecticut State Police released a 38-page prison sentence to Fotis Dulos, step by step presenting his allegations of violation of his wife's disappearance. Evidence included blood stains at his wife's home in New Canaan, lack of vehicle seats, a mysterious trip to a car detailer and a plaque in the drain, among other pieces reported in the puzzle. Read the full statement below.

In a new state warrant released Tuesday, investigators revealed extensive DNA evidence, including Jennifer found in various locations and the fingerprint of Dulos on a trash bag dumped in a trash container in Hartford. They also found a logo of a bicycle policeman who believes the 52-year-old man took it out of his garage, brought it to New Canaan and went to Jennifer's house.

Investigators theorize that Fotis Dulos waited before attacking and then used ties to "arrest and incapacitate Jennifer for a while" while he put the body in his SUV that he drove and dropped off at a nearby park.

The couple's five children have lived with Jennifer Dulos's mother, Gloria Farber, at her home on the Upper East Side, reportedly under the protection of an armed bodyguard, since her mother disappeared. Fotis Dulos has been banned from any kind of contact with children.

Farber asked for exclusive custody of the children; Fotis Dulos fought his claim and recently tried to dissolve his divorce case, arguing that his estranged wife was not present to appear in court to urge them to move forward.

Jennifer Dulos 'family rejected Fotis Dulos' defenses every moment.

For those in the city of New Canaan, where Jennifer was and was last seen, the news of the arrest was not a surprise, but a relief. Many in the city expected Fotis Dulos to be arrested for months and wondered why he had not yet been prosecuted.

"I think the community really wants to find the killer, because anyone can do it anywhere … they should get justice. And if [Fotis Dulos] did that, he should go to prison, "said neighbor Brian Sullivan.

Some in the city said that as soon as the news was released, people started honking their horns to alert each other about the update.

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