FirstBank CEO motivates the team to achieve excellence

By Collins Nweze

The Managing Director / CEO of the First Bank of Nigeria, Adesola Adeduntan, advised the bank's team to strive for excellence and contribute in the best possible way to maintain the bank in its leadership position in the sector.

Speaking at the virtual graduation ceremony of the First Bank Management Associates Program (FMAP), held in Lagos, the head of the bank said the bank would continue to invest and reinvent its people to create a very solid institution with a strong succession plan.


The bank chief said the participants' intelligence quotient was in no doubt, but excellence in today's workplace requires more than application of knowledge.

He said that personal skills are needed, which will imply how this team treats customers and colleagues in the workplace.

“Your IQ is almost taken for granted. The most important things are your social skills, social quotient, emotional quotient and physical quotient. They treat others well, fairly. Make sure that when people talk about you, they will say that you are fair. You need to combine the four in a very delicate way. The program is about creating a continuous flow of people, which will continue to take the institution forward, ”he said.


Continuing, he said: “We need to continually renew the institution. As an institution, we left several things for years. Therefore, we need to work harder, smarter than our competitors ”.

The bank chief said there were gaps in the structured and targeted succession plan, adding that the bank's expectations of participants are very high.


He added: “We are a bank, in the business of trust and confidentiality. We need to keep confidential information confidential. Go to our bank and bear good fruit ”.

The Global Director of Human Resources at First Bank Nigeria Limited and its subsidiaries, Rosie Ebe-Arthur, advised employees to invest in themselves.

She said she encouraged the team to provide the best customer service.

“The way you invest in yourself is very important. Offer the best customer services. In addition, integrity and credibility are very important. It is so easy to lose. You need to stand up for something or fall in love with anything. Be proud of yourself and your work. Be responsible for the work you do. Detect problems and resolve them before they increase, ”she said.


Ebe-Arthur said that, with 126 years of experience, FirstBank has a great heritage and is boldly reinventing the future. "If you're doing something and you're not afraid, that's not enough," she said.


Also speaking, Ini Ebong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the First Academy, said that the inaugural scenario started with 42 people, but 28 withstood the test of time and completed the program.

Ebong said that people are necessary assets for the growth and development of any establishment. He noted that graudands were equipped with all facets of what they need in the bank to be good leaders.

"The program is here to stay, we will continue to reinvest and reinvent our people to create the kind of leadership we want for the bank in the future," said Ebong.

During the virtual program, some graudands were recognized at the event for excellent performance and contributions during the program. They are Mofoluwasho Nasiru (notable change agent), Mr. Bolaji Adepoju (service leader), Mr. Princejoe Nnaji (extraordinary think tank) and Bridget Imokhai (engagement champion).

Others are Henry Abadua as the most composed associate, Rapulu Chukwu Ajekwe as the team's best player and Babajide Olusesi as the best in the class, having scored higher.

Imokhai, speaking about his experience during the program, praised FirstBank's management for the FMAP initiative.

She said the program had expelled them from their comfort zones to achieve great things.

FMAP was designed by the bank as a comprehensive 24-month development program. The program was designed specifically to create a generation of leaders who would be prepared to drive the bank's vision.

It was introduced to promote the bank's strategic objective of infusing and developing leadership at the necessary levels throughout the team hierarchy.

The FMAP, started in 2018, aims to identify young, intelligent, highly competent and talented individuals, with unusual skills and competences in various disciplines.

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