FDA chief self-quarantines after coming in contact with individual who tested positive for coronavirus

"As Dr. Hahn wrote in a note to staff today, he recently came in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Per (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines, he is now in the quarantine of the He immediately took a diagnostic test and tested negative for the virus, FDA spokesman Michael Felberbaum said in a statement Friday.

While the FDA did not name the person Hahn came into contact with, President Donald Trump earlier Friday had revealed that Vice President Mike Pence's press secretary, Katie Miller, had tested positive for Covid-19.

Hahn is a member of the White House Task Force, which held its last meeting Thursday.

Pence's press secretary is testing positive for coronavirus, Trump said

An official familiar with the situation inside the White House coronavirus task force told CNN that it is unclear if anyone on the panel will quarantine and that more will be known about the next step on Saturday.

Miller was the second member of the White House to test positive for the virus the following week one of Trump's personal officers tested positive on Thursday.

A senior White House official told CNN Friday that contact tracking was conducted inside the White House following Miller's positive test. All the people she contacted, including her husband, Trump's senior adviser Stephen Miller, tested negative, the official said.

The White House has begun to make sure employees wear masks in the White House and increase testing and temperature controls throughout the West Wing.

The FDA has been strongly involved with the government's response to the pandemic, review of tests, potential vaccines and treatments, and assistance with the medical supply chain.

Hahn had expected to testify next week at a Senate health committee to hear about the government's response to coronavirus.


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