Farmers/herdsmen attacks leave five dead, other injured in Nasarawa

By Linus Oota, Lafia

Five people were confirmed dead, while others were injured in a renewed confrontation between Tiv farmers and pastors in Nasarawa state.

The skirmishes occurred in a border community between Nasarawa / Benue states, Angwan Ayaba, in the Kadarko district, in the Giza development area, in the Keana local government area, in the state of Nasarawa, over the weekend.


A source from the TIV ethnic extraction told our correspondent that the problem started when the pastors found a woman on the farm and beat her to a coma.

According to the source, the woman's request for help attracted a man who was working on his farm.

But the man was dominated by the shepherds, who beat him and injured his head and both arms.


“The TIV youth who suffered from the situation also moved out of revenge and came into conflict with the Fulani men who had previously fled Udei, somewhere in Benue.

"The Fulani revenge mission repeated the attack and killed two of our women on their farms around 9 am," he said.


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For his part, Nasarawa state chairman of Nigeria's Cattle Breeder Association Meyatti Allah (MACBAN), Hussaini Mohammed, said three shepherds were killed.

He said three days ago, some young people from the TIV of kadarko, in collaboration with their Benue brothers in Yelwata, attacked and killed a shepherd and rustled his cows.

“As president of MACBAN, I was informed that the TIV youth met the pastors and said that they were looking for meat to eat. Then they attacked them, killed one of the Fulani and wounded the other, then rustled their cows.

"Two days after they repeated the same and killed two of our Fulani boys, which they do in collaboration with their TIV brothers in Yelwata, Benue state," he also claimed.


The executive chairman of Keana's local government area, Adamu Adi Giza, who confirmed the attack and counterattacks, said his council was at the top of the situation.


Giza said he would send the report to the governor on Monday after meeting with his local government colleague in Guma on Friday to discuss the crisis.

"I am aware that two Fulani pastors were killed and told me that two Tiv women were also killed, but I have yet to receive the detailed report," he said.

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