Family of Somali American man killed by police files lawsuit

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – The family of a Somali-American police officer was shot dead during an impasse Eagan last summer he filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the shooting was not justified and that the man was shot because of his race.

Isak Aden was 23 when he died on July 2, 2019, during a standoff with police from various agencies in Eagan.


According to the Dakota prosecutor's office, Aden had a gun and the police tried to negotiate with him for hours. Finally, the police threw flash-bang devices and fired non-lethal shots at him. Aden took his gun, took it in his right hand and fired. The police opened fire, hitting him five times.

Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom released the five officers who resigned from any criminal offense in November, saying they believed they were in danger.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the Aden family filed the lawsuit on Thursday. The lawsuit names the cities of Bloomington, Burnsville, Eagan and Edina, who provided the police for the operation, several police officers and Eagan chief Roger New, as defendants and seeks more than $ 20 million.


Family lawyer Matthew Lawlyes told the newspaper that the police video shows Aden he picked up his weapon after non-lethal shots, but placed it on the ground and raised his left hand in an act of surrender. He accidentally fired the gun after the police killed him, Lawlyes said.


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