Family asks AIG to kill son in custody of Osun police

Toba ADEDEJI, Osogbo

Obalogbo's family in Ila-Orangun asked the Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG Zone XI, for the death of their son, Saheed Agboola, who allegedly died in the custody of the Ota-Efun Police Division in Osogbo, State of Osun.


The family, in a petition of April 21, 2020, signed by their lawyer, Mr. Kazeem Odedeji, demanded an adequate and discreet investigation of the circumstances that led to Agboola's death in police custody.

The petition stated that the deceased on March 30, 2020 reported a life threatening case at the Ota-Efun Police Division in Osogbo, but the police turned the case against him when the suspect he reported filed a counter-complaint that Saheed was owing him over N462,000 for a daily economy that he coordinated.

The letter said: "Our client's son was arrested and detained. He was released on administrative bail the following day.


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“Saheed was invited to the police station on April 15, where he was quickly rushed to the Osogbo Magistrate's Court and was sued without the knowledge of any family member, who could arrange for his bail while awaiting trial. Subsequently, he received an order of preventive detention in police custody.

It was observed that the father of the deceased saw him at the end of April 15, 2020, and he was in a very high spirit, without suggesting any harmful behavior.


“Surprisingly, the late Saheed Agboola's uncle and guardian were invited to the police headquarters on April 16, where he met with senior police officers led by the police commissioner, Osun State Command, who broke the news of the Saheed Agboola's death with the excuse he made. suicide in a police cell.

"Sir. Agboola Rasaq tried to see things for himself, but, unfortunately, the situation he encountered with the deceased in no way suggested that of someone who took his own life.

Another question that shakes our client's mind is & # 39; how the hell a suspect in the police cell, like Ota-Efun's police headquarters, will take his own life and no one would be available to help him? & # 39; As a suspect / defendant dies in a police cell like a chicken, everyone's imagination is struck.

"It is against the background above that, through this document, we have instructions from our clients to demand an adequate and discreet investigation of the circumstances that led to the death of Saheed Agboola in the custody of the Nigeria police."


Contacted, Osun state command police public relations officer Yemisi Opalola said Saheed committed suicide in the cell wearing his shirt.


She said: “The (deceased) man is not a police suspect, but he was arrested in police custody by the magistrate's court. There was no one with him in the cell, because in that pandemic period the Inspector General of Police ordered us not to keep anyone in our cell, unless the person committed a capital offense like murder, armed robbery, arson and the like. . "

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