Ex-CAMPUSLIFE correspondent trains students on blogging

By Stanley Uchegbu

A blogger and political science student at Abia State University, Uturu, Odoemena Chinonso, launched the Teens Can Blog.

Teens Can Blog is an initiative that guides the technological development of teenagers, guiding them and exposing them to high-tech activities, ranging from coding, AI development, creation of original visual and writing content, website development and exploiting social media, among others, so that they can be equipped to access global activities and become great leaders of their generation.


CAMPUSLIFE learned that more than 256 teenagers participated in online training on content writing, blogging and encouraging them to become good, prolific writers with original content.

The initiative, according to Chinonso, would serve, in the long run, as an avenue to help the Federal Government contain the threat of false news and plagiarism in Nigeria.

Talking to CAMPUSLIFE after the training exercise, a participant and a high school student from Florin High School, Ejigbo Nicholas Josemaria, Lagos, emphasized that the next generation would be led by young people aged 10 to 20 years.


He said: "We are at a time when fake news providers continue to sell fake information, instigating fear, anxiety and tension for no reason. We need to educate society about how the spread of sensitive information can be and how it can spread like wildfire using the that we've learned so far.

In his reach and reach, Josemaria said that Teens Can Blog identified some potential, but with less education in rural communities. They include: department of teenagers in churches, schools and colleges and even remote as villages. Their mission, he explained, is to build a community of tech-savvy teenagers and help them access global opportunities, and empower them to be able to govern their generation and create a legacy that everyone will be proud of.


Speaking to CAMPUSLIFE, the idea behind the Odoemena Chinonso initiatives said: “The future of teenagers is very bright and, therefore, fundamental. We must not play with them; on the contrary, we must invest in them.

“Blogging is a profession for young and intelligent people that must be practiced with sophisticated digital tools to guarantee creativity. New roles, trends and paradigms would continue to emerge for the benefit of these young people, who may later be interested in becoming media professionals, scholars and writers. That is why we need to take them young and prepare them for a better future. "

Chinonso said the future of the media would be driven more by digital technology, which will be more beneficial for professionals, academics and journalists.

“Our mission is to ensure that Teens Can Blog becomes a national and international initiative that will be recognized globally in building young people in the writing and creativity of original content. I hope that the initiative can generate other great ideas that emerged from the foundations and foundations of our impulse ", he affirmed.


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