Etinosa launches online acting talent show

By Adeniyi Adewoyin

Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia launched an online talent show on Instagram.

The actress launched the talent show to give opportunities to aspiring actors who can dedicate themselves to her and win cash prizes.


The competition, according to the actress, is inspired by the zeal to give back to society and made possible by the blockade caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“During the block, I saw a lot of online programs coming in – lots of opportunities to do things I love so much. The fact that I'm not in a film production doesn't mean I can't act yet, so I thought about the Acting Talent Show on Instagram and published it by many of my colleagues who liked the idea. It was also a great way to connect with the fans. I was excited to use social media to reach out to society and show gratitude for the platform that I also received while growing in the industry, ”she said.

“I thought that, the small platform that I have, let me dedicate myself to future actors. They will not only be showing their talent, they will act with me. I will give them the role, take on another role and we will act together. The block inspired the fact that I can't work as I should, so it challenged me to be creative and to use social media in a positive way. Also due to the fact that in the past I have had some misuse of social media challenges, so this is also a great way to make amends. "


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Talking more about what to expect from the live show, she said, “I didn't see anybody else doing this. My male and female fans should expect creativity, excitement and fun. Another thing that will make it different and unique is that the contestants on the acting talent show will be starring with me, so it will be like an artistic duel or battle, they are fighting me. I'm not just going to leave them to do a monologue and talk alone. I will be responding to them and interacting with them personally online. "

The lead actress of the drama & # 39; Blood of Enogie & # 39; he emphasized that the audience that watched – mainly his followers on Instagram – would choose his winner after the performance of all participants.


“I'm going to ask them what they think and, based on the reaction and public opinion, I'm going to choose who will come home with a cash prize of N10,000 or send it to them because it's not a real life show, it's an online show and there is a cash price involved. Normally, it should be a winner, but sometimes it will be like 5 very good talented actors, viewers can be divided between participants like numbers 3, 2 or 5, and we can say that we will have 2 winners, one male and one female. We will also have additional winners, because few people access the site to sponsor and it can be as if I want to give myself a cash price. This person may not be among the selected winners and will therefore be an additional winner. We've been on the program for a while and most of the time we always have 4 or 3 winners in total, ”said Etinosa.

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