English (simulated) League available at RealFevr!

You can now join our first #SimFantasy.
The first #YesFantasy it is now open on RealFevr… and with it comes the best football league in the world!

Quite a debut for our brief history, isn't it? Now you can play a fantasy league from the English league, the #EnglandSimFantasy!


All the major leagues are still suspended, but as we want our product to improve every year, always closer to our main goal – to create RealFevr the largest fantasy platform in the world – now you have the chance to play a fantasy league based on a simulated competition! Therefore, not only British football is a new feature of RealFevr, is also the first time in a simulated competition!

But what does it mean? You will also play with real teams and real English League players. The only difference is that results and statistics, instead of real, will be virtual and simulated. The objective remains the same: to show that you are the best fantasy manager in your group.

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If you are a big fan and consider yourself an expert in football played in His Majesty's kingdom, this is your chance: create your team on here! The competition starts in May.

The rules are simple and similar to those of other RealFevr competitions, and the biggest change occurs on a more intense schedule. Here is a summary of the most important ones:


. Choose a team of 15 players; With a maximum budget of 100 million; There is a limit of 3 players from each club to form your team; You will have to choose a captain and a vice-captain every week; You can make changes to your team up to 15 minutes before the start of the first match of each week; This competition will have game weeks on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday; After Week 1, you will receive 2 (two) free transfers per round. If you don't use any or all, you can carry 1 (one) for the next week of play; Each manager will have access to 2 (two) wild cards during the competition; The price of players changes during the season, according to the supply and demand of the transfer market; Your 4 worst weeks of play will not count towards the General Classification; You can only enter 1 team in England Sim Fantasy;

In this football hiatus, we also wanted to contribute our part, and this is our way of doing it: allowing you to continue to live football through your fantasy league experience.

Don't forget that in RealFevr we are always working to offer the best fantasy experience, even if it is through a simulated league.

As this all happens only due to the suspension of the real sport in quarantine times, we even made a special sign that you can see on the competition card to know that it is a simulated league.


So, stop wasting time, invite your friends and show them who the real one is #EnglandYesFantasy expert is!


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