England Sim Fantasy: the Results of Gameweek 5

Some may say that Roberto Firmino is Liverpool's real MVP!

England Yes Fantasy Gameweek 5 has come to a conclusion and, as promised, we have the final score for you every day!

This is where you will always find the results for each game, the MVP and the Dream Team every week. You can check goals, assists, reserves and the final result of each match.


The highlight of the round was Firmino, scoring twice against Watford and receiving assistance along the way, he was a master at decimating Liverpool over Watford's bottom line.

Check out the final scores!


Arsenal vs. West Ham

Aston Villa vs. Wolves

Manchester City vs Burnley

Everton vs. Crystal Palace

Leicester vs. Southampton

Manchester United v Bournemouth

Norwich vs. Chelsea

Sheffield United v Brighton

Tottenham vs. Newcastle

Watford vs. Liverpool


Firmino finished Gameweek 5 as MVP, with 13 points!
The Brazilian striker did it on the road, with a key against Watford, adding an assist between the two goals!


Dream Team

It's a #DreamTeam of incredible performances, bringing together England Yes FantasyIS Week 5.

6 clubs formed the Dream Team in this round. Liverpool and Leicester get 3 seats each, Arsenal others 2 and Everton, Burnley and Manchester United compensate for the remaining points.


Leading the team we have Firmino (13 points), the MVP, accompanied by Vardy (13 points), with also 2 goals and 1 assist, and wood (10 points), author of a surprising key against Man City.

In the midfield quartet, we have Salah (12 points), which opened the scoresheet for the Reds, Daniel James (10 points) compensating one in United Men & # 39;win at home, Richarlison (10 points) marked the winner of Toffee & # 39; s over Palace and Mane (9 points) was also on the loose on Vicarage Road.

Row of three at the back, made up of Maitland-Niles (9 points), assistance plus cleaning for Arsenal, and teammates Chilwell (9 points) and Pereira (9 points) who did the same for Leicester. Leno (6 points), kept the scorer clean for the game and closes the Dream Team.

Championship Table

See what the leaderboard looks like after Gameweek 5.


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