EE corrects users' biggest concern when launching the security feature

EE added a new feature, known as Secure Setup, to all of its Pay Monthly customers across the country. The free service is designed to help parents quickly set up security features on their children's smartphones, including a blocking of pornography and other adult content, spending limits, and a blocking of calls and texts for premium phone numbers.

You will also be able to restrict all third party charges to your cell phone bill, such as in-app purchases, games, tests, participation in competitions, voting on television programs.


EE expects the new feature to be designed so that "parents feel confident that their children are using the phone safely outside the home, as the blocking decreases" and is part of a broader strategy to ensure that more users young people in BT's network are safe from inappropriate material.

The Set Up Safe system was developed by EE together with Internet Matters – a non-profit organization that helps keep families safe online. When you start the Safe Setup process, it offers parents a variety of age settings recommended for their children's phone. This will preconfigure multiple configurations – and save you the hassle of scrolling through countless options.

If you already have a Pay Monthly contract with EE, you can start the setup process by sending a text message to "Secure Setup" to 150 from your EE device. You will be asked to respond with your preferences for the text service, so do not start the process minutes before boarding a flight and lose the mobile signal for the next two hours.


After deciding the level of restrictions to apply, EE will automatically approve changes to your children's account until midnight. EE claims that it designed the process to be as headache-free as possible after the survey showed that 51% of parents said they had previously found the process of adding safety features to keep their kids safe online as "tricky." and time consuming ”.



Speaking about the new addition to EE customers, Carolyn Bunting, CEO of Internet Matters, said: "While the connected world brings enormous benefits to young people, there are undoubtedly risks and therefore technical tools like EE's Set Up Safe help a lot to prevent children from viewing inappropriate content or having unwanted contact.

“We always encourage parents to apply age-appropriate security settings to their children's devices, as they help create a digital environment where children can safely learn, create and socialize. But it is essential that parents do not rely only on technical tools, as there is no substitute for maintaining an open dialogue with their child from an early age and keeping in step with the digital world ".

Meanwhile, EE's director of corporate affairs for consumers, Mat Sears, added: “While technology is playing a bigger role in family life than ever, we understand that online security is just one of the many things that parents they will think when their children start to think. leave with blocking restrictions easing. By providing this new guidance and support to parents, we hope to alleviate some of these anxieties about online safety and lighten the burden, giving parents the confidence and understanding necessary to help children enjoy a safe online experience. "

It is worth mentioning that EE cannot add a limit on contract charges to your children's phone bill if their phone plan started before October 1, 2018. All other restrictions enabled when informing EE what age of your child will work as expected.


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