Edo / Ondo 2020: We will not announce results where elections are interrupted – INEC

The president of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC),


Professor Mahmood Yakubu, said that INEC would not make statements wherever
elections are adulterated, in the next elections in
Ondo and Edo States on October 20, 2020 and September 19, 2020,

Professor Yakubu gave the warning before the government elections in Ondo and
Edo says while speaking at a virtual event on Democracy and
Elections in West Africa, organized by the Center for Strategic and
International Studies (CSIS), Washington DC, in collaboration with the
Democracy and Development Center (CDD). He said that INEC is committed to free, fair and credible elections in Nigeria.

The INEC president said: “Where an election is interrupted, the commission
will not make a statement about the result due to lack of adherence to the
guiding rules of the election.


“Where the election is interrupted and the commission cannot guarantee
integrity of the process, we will not go further to make

“Do you (political parties, politicians and voters) behave
elections to be concluded in a free and fair manner or we do what
says the law.


“It doesn't make sense to make a statement in this situation because
the commission will not endorse fraud or function outside the minimum
established standard for holding credible elections anywhere.

“While elections are interrupted, we must look far beyond what is
electoral commission. I think you put your finger on the problem,
the political class and security challenges. And that’s why we
have been involved with them, ”he said.

Facing the challenges that the commission may face in conducting
election in a period of coronavirus pandemic, Yakubu, said Nigeria
10 elections and more than 6.2 million voters are determined to ensure
democracy is not truncated.

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