Edo, Ondo 2020: CUPP warns against manipulation, demands campaign based on issues

The Contact and Mobilization President and member of the Steering Committee
of the United Political Parties Coalition (CUPP), Rev. Olusegun Peters
demanded question-based campaigns from political parties participating in the
upcoming Edo and Ondo government surveys.


Peters, in a statement released yesterday in Abuja, said the elections are
critical to sustainable democracy in Nigeria.

He said it's time to absorb politics without bitterness and bitterness
in the country's electoral election so as not to overheat the policy yet
recovery from the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The statement says in part: “The need for transparency in these elections
cannot be overemphasized as we systematically consolidate earnings from
our representative governance.


“The era of manipulation, vote buying, over-voting, ballot taking,
the falsification of results and brigandage is over, as Nigerians are now
politically wiser and want their votes to be counted and respected. This one
it is the only way to deepen, strengthen and sustain the nation
constitutional as possible in advanced democracies, including
democracies like Ghana. The nation's electoral system must be sanitized and
redirected to the path of progress, development and advancement.

“For decades, past and present governments have dealt with electoral crimes
with child's gloves. The time has come to sue everyone involved in the electoral process.
crimes and their sponsors as an impediment for those who can contemplate
this crime against the motherland. It is time to establish, inaugurate and
Court of Electoral Infractions. This will give a strong signal to
election assemblers and their collaborators that the game is over as the law
is no respecter of people. "


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