EDO GUBER: I need your help to win the war, says Obaseki to supporters

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki described on Friday as "epic political battles" the challenges he faced before securing the Democratic People's Party (PDP) governance entry into the state.

The governor said in a statement that he was "dragged and forced into battle".


Obaseki, who joined the PDP at the All Progressives Congress (APC) about 10 days ago, praised members of the opposition party for granting him the ticket to represent the party in the September 19 elections in Edo state.

The governor left APC after the party's screening panel disqualified him from the party's governing primaries held on June 22 for alleged discrepancies in his certificates.

After he joined the PDP, the party leadership granted him a resignation to challenge the election on his platform, a decision that launched him against other aspirants to the government in the party.


Obaseki was later returned unopposed at the PDP government primaries held on Thursday.

In the statement, the governor said he needed the tireless support of PDP leaders and members for him to survive the battle.


He ensured that his government would continue to pursue programs and policies designed to improve the lives of most Edo people.

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The governor said: “This victory is our collective victory and I urge our people to remain vigilant as we begin our campaigns for the main election. I ask you to remain firm in your convictions so that we can win the war ahead, just as we have won several battles together.

“My dear people of the State of Edo, leaders and members of our great party, the PDP, I thank you all for your support and for electing me as our party's flag bearers in the September government elections.


“How could I survive the epic political battles in which I was dragged and forced, in the last year, without you, my people, solidly behind me? I am grateful to my party delegates, who stayed all day and night, for voting for me as a party candidate.


“I greet the party leaders who have set aside their ambitions in the interests of party unity and the progress of our state.

“I thank all Edo men, women, our resilient youth, at home and abroad, for making the fight for my emergency. You invested your resources and raised your voices to support my aspiration, even in the face of threats and intimidation. "

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