Drunk's Klint gives fans tips on how to avoid online fraudsters

By Sampson Unamka

Drunk comedian Klint gave tips on how to avoid online fraudsters in a recent Instagram interview.

The comedian revealed to his fans how they can protect their apps and bank details so they don't fall victim to bank fraudsters.


He said: “About this scam thing, there is a new thing that they do now that is terrible, trust me. I'm going to paste something now, I copied it from my text, it came as a text message, it can appear as your WhatsApp or anything.

He says in G money: “Dear customer, you are eligible for an N100,000 loan, without mortgage, sign up now and you can get a N1000 cash bonus which is very simple, it looks credible, they they say click and apply http: \ Gmomey app now the problem is that if you watch it is http, it must be https: \, which means it is protected, but there is no S and now that GMoney is an app , after downloading it when you start to register or everything they are already monitoring, after you download it instantly, they start watching you and everything you do on the phone starts watching it. said Klint of the drunk.

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