Deshaun Watson appeared to be caught in a lie about the Bears, but there’s an explanation

Deshaun Watson caused a stir on Friday night on Twitter when he got involved in a debate over the 2017 NFL Draft.

The conversation began with reporter John Feinstein relaying a conversation he had with former NFL quarterback and current Redskins executive Doug Williams. They discussed Mitch Trubisky in second place overall, ahead of guys like Watson and Patrick Mahomes. According to Williams, if Mahomes and Watson were white, they would have been called up ahead of Trubisky.



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Fox Sports' Doug Gottlieb was not buying and said the race "was not a factor".


Watson quoted Gottlieb on Twitter and said the Bears never spoke to him before the sketch.

Twitter found this ridiculous, considering that Chicago needed a quarterback that year (and took one), and Watson was clearly one of the best options available. Then, after some research, it turned out that Watson said he had talked to the bears.

During a 2017 interview with "The Rich Eisen Show", Watson listed the teams that contacted him. That list included chiefs, browns, jaguars, 49ers, cardinals, Texans, jets, beads, crows and bears.



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Watson seems to have been caught in a lie, but a tweet from Quincy Avery can help explain his interview with Eisen. Avery is Watson's private quarterback coach, and the two share a close connection that dates back to when QB was in high school. The Houston Chronicle describes their bond as a "brother-brother-brother relationship".

Avery responded directly to the video that Eisen tweeted. The tweet can also be viewed at Likes by Watson on twitter.

In a separate response to Bill Barnwell of ESPN, Avery clarified that the conversation with the Bears "Did not happen. "He stresses why it would make sense for Watson to say at the time (to help improve his inventory) and why he feels confident in saying what really happened now (he is a first-rate quarterback with nothing to hide).

The rest is history. Chicago declined Trubisky's fifth year option while Watson is supposedly in negotiations by an extension of contract with the Texans that would make him one of the highest paid players in the league.

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